May. 1st, 2012

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So there's a whole lot going on. Graduating grad school! COMMUNICATIONS, BITCHES!

I remember getting started in 2009; I remember that was the summer that my writing came back to me. I remember that, suddenly, I was excited about writing again; I sat and wrote and wrote and wrote. It was all fanfiction.

I'm at another slim point; I've discovered I can rattle out copy within a few days, but only of a certain type and opacity.

Mother's Day is soon and god, I want my own desktop. I don't like the office; I don't like that I get short shrift in the corner. I miss my office being my office. My quality of sleep is much better, though, so that's something important to note for my health in the future.

I'm going to Scotland. It's real! I'm going to Scotland and I'm going to see Jaz. I've bought a new coat and it doesn't totally fit, but whatever. It fits better than the last Nanook coat I had; it was constantly cutting my circulation off at the armpits.

Man, I miss California. I really like it there; I love the weather, I love the look of things, I LOVE Disneyland with an intensity that surprises me, considering Epcot Center is pretty much in my blood--I love the fact that there are hills and that it's always sunny, but never humid, and that the sun is gold-white instead of the hot, wet, limelight-laser-white of our own sun. And California is friends and the zoo and ElecTRONica. And the Pacific Ocean, which I think is probably as close as I will ever get to it again--seeing it from this side, I mean, and not from Japan. I still haven't been to San Francisco.

They're planning the itinerary and that thought stalled; Jai Alai will do that; this is the best beer ever.

We shall see; that's all. We shall see.


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