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Handily divided into the only categories that matter. Check under cuts for details. Added in order found--that is, most recent finds at the top.

Enterprise High by Cable69. High-school AU; brief enough to be awesome, light enough to carry the weight. It goes all Trek podracing/Wacky Races in the middle, and STILL SOMEHOW WORKS. I adore it utterly, unironically, and otherwise without reservation. (Contains Romulans, despite appearing under this heading. They're not the focus. *Rationale rationale justification.*)

Objects in Space by [livejournal.com profile] the_arc5. Mashup of Firefly and Star Trek XI. Essentially, Spock as River. Recced primarily for the sheer ballsy of the concept. It takes serious Net nuts to even attempt something like this, let alone actually carry it off in most places. Doesn't really matter that it ain't my cuppa; deserves to be more widely read. *Low whistle.* PG-13.

The Day He Stopped Pretending by Inkanei. Ain't gonna need this house no longer; I'm getting ready to meet the saints. Kirk-centric. PG.

Southern Anthem by Vega_Writes; Nothing less than McCoy/Chapel BADASS AWESOME Harlequin!Civil War AU. R for the usual medical blood and guts.

Loyal Opposition by Iodinemoon; character studies for the Trek XI antagonists. The one about Cupcake is especially brilliant. PG-13.

Broadway and Seventh by Irnan; Jim's older brother Sam escapes to New York. Apparently I have a weakness for Trek XI!Kirks. Sorta dark thematics; borderline alcoholism, family abuse, etc. Captivating style. PG-13.

Lunch And Other Obscenities by Rheanna27; gen with Spock/Uhura background mentions. Basically, a great "Uhura and Gaila become friends!" fic. I believe I got this from [livejournal.com profile] taraljc. PG-13.

To Dance With Death by Estelwolfe; Spock/Uhura. PG-13.

The People He Sees by Estelwolfe; gen with mention of relationships in the background. McCoy dark!fic with angst and graphic descriptions of maiming/sadism etc. etc. DARK FIC IS DARK. Start of a series. Decidedly R.

The Hounds Of Morrigan by hounds_morrigan; fucked up, Nero-succeeded, post-apocalyptic Uhura/Spock/Kirk D/s dubcon abounding. So very, very R, I am not kidding. DARK FIC IS DARK. McCoy gets a beautiful ending.

Captain Awesome And His Amazing Enterprise by VainGirl; AU. Teen!Kirk starts a rock band.Mild potential triggers made up for by THEIR WEIGHT IN SOLID AWESOME and THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. <3 PG-13.

A Not Entirely Unselfish Endeavor by Yakbite; Spock Prime's personal log. It made me wibble. Sorta Kirk/Spock. PG-13.

Warmongers by Raihu is basically the Nero/Ayel fic that all other Nero/Ayel fic wants to be when it grows up. I should have posted it sooner. This shit is definitive, you guys. Seriously. SLASH; R.

As Sparks Fly Upward by Jedibuttercup. Nothing less than the Trek XI crew on a secret mission to Hellguard! And there are cameos by a particular family quite early on. O, be still my fannish heart. ♥

A Hell Like No Other by Colours Unseen; is Nero/Mandana woobie angst, and nicely written. If you read this and do not sniffle, you either have no soul or are a diehard K/S shipper. It's one of those. Ranked R; some triggery territory.

Loyal Opposition: Another Life by Iodinemoon; is MOAR AYEL FIC because apparently I'm obssessed everything is better with an Ayel. I adore his insights into his own death. (Uh, consider that your warning for character death. Lulz.) PG-13.

Ghost Ship by Haernamouse; IS NOTHING LESS THAN AYEL in Rihannsu mode RAISING AN INFANT GAILA and, consequently, is the most awesome fucking thing EVER.

Twenty-Five Years by Measured Words. It's gen! With good scope and fast style and THE ROMULANS. ON RURA PENTHE. *Squee.* PG-13, may become R?

Firefalls by Sineala; Brutal, intense Nero/Ayel in full-on Rihannsu mode. SLASH, because apparently some people need that capslocked out for them as a warning or something. And, um, noncon. PG-13.

Not From The Stars Do I My Judgment Pluck by Louiex; Nero/Ayel, past!Oren/Mananda, Narada/Nero/Ayel. The Narada being sentient and protective and yes. Angsty fic is angsty. SLASH, also. R.

The Night Loop by Raihu; Nero/Ayel. Dysfunctional PWP with maybe-she's-sentient-maybe-Nero's-crazy Narada. And SLASH. R.

'That is NOT my gun.' by Anon. Ayel/Kirk. Okay I'm only linking this one because someone wrote it for me; whatever, I don't care, it's awesome and funny STFU. SLASH for the lulz. PG-13.

Moar as I find moar.

If you have moar, especially if it is moar WITH ROMULANS, and extra-special bonus for DARK FIC IS DARK (WITH ROMULANS), comments are love.
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