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So, my mom discovered and purchased this magazine a few days ago.

And somehow. It's like RATIONALLY I know it's too, that it's bobo and tacky and white.

Which isn't going to stop me from buying my own copy, de-spining it with a craft knife, and meticulously scanning every page with love and tenderness.


*Drowns happily.*
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I've moved into the living room, the better for to keep an eye on the children dogs.

More or less next to the TV. And we all have very different personal tastes and theories of waking up.

So, my mornings look like...

Breakcore Fred and Ginger with outer-space codependence on the side?

No sudden dubsteb darling don't you do.

Ladies and Gentlemen...fasten your seatbelts
You are free to move about the cabin
We may experience some slight turbulence
And then explode

Thrown together at two a.m. directly before sleep. Achieved with Google-ganking; image sources are not mine; all credit to their makers, whom I can't remember. )
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So I was looking for a larger, undistorted copy of That One Picture of Kirsten Dunst wearing a folding fan and a smile seriously accurate historical depictions of a silly-goose headless-doll queen who has intrigued me since childhood. She's like the inverse mirror of Elizabeth First. Anyway.

I was hunting for art. (Air quotes are for people who have issues with nudes. XD)

And boy howdy, did I find some. Albeit of the worksafe type. ^_~


I don't suppose you can help me find that picture?
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For [livejournal.com profile] foxbaby:

Foxy/pimp!cat OTP.

Now, there's no point in placing the blame )

For [livejournal.com profile] finer_verities:

Olivia and Mustang have post-Christmas generic winter holiday party words. I'm not the best at manga continuity, so beware.

How can life be what you want it to be? )

Also: attack of the angst! I actually wrote GEN. Le gasp.

You waste your time with hate and regret. )
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I have an incredibly dorky fondness for these, despite consciously knowing that they are awful.

*Cough* Full set as of three cons ago. *Cough.*

And, uh, this fellow did the cover for my favorite one. See?

He has also done a badass rendition of the He-Man characters.

Among numerous other things. Including, apparently, some cute render thing that I will go admire.

O Internet, my Internet. <3
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For making icons with! Pictures included to illustrate the point. They're of Greed, of course, because he's snacking on my brain and the basement of my soul, possibly, and I think I like it.

*Ahem.* Anyway.

I'm not being patronizing. I'm cramming in every detail I can think of, because I get lost reading other people's tutorials that DON'T have all the details.

I'm sure this is old news to everybody except me, but just incase it's not, here we go. )

There you have it.
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Taken from the vid for Bjork's "Army of Me". Footage courtesy [livejournal.com profile] nyohah <3. Not all icons have blanks, and not all blanks are bases, and so on. Because I'm lazy. Credit if you take. Not like I have the time to hunt you down if you don't, but it'd be the nice thing to do. Thus, please.

Self-sufficience, please, and get to work. )

For the curious, assuming there are any: background and thought process info junk. )
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There are days that my dreams are extremely literal. Today, in my sleep, I checked my email, listened to songs online, watched YouTube, and checked out LJ.

I shit you not. XD

Errands. Side-order of library reject pile.

Mmm, books with decimated spines and dog-eared covers and late-70's fonts. ^___^

By that wayside:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

See, I can do het. XD
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Because I now have about 36,000 delicious wonderful sparkly screencaps to go through!

And [livejournal.com profile] nyohah, future Empress of Argentina and Lady of All Awesome, IS. BRILLIANT! <-- (exclaimed with full-on Guinness commercial glee). <3

I give you:

The Only Set of Screencap Sizes You'll Ever Need. Now with more of them. XD )

Well, that's all! ^_^
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Yah, I know, everyone else > me because they post THE BESTEST FINISHED PRODUCT OMG.

My brain doesn't work that way. My house. Besides, ppl tend to like the ones that make me go "Eeew!" and reject.

Many of these started out as caps by [livejournal.com profile] pic_unperfect, whose filenames are hilarious. ^_^

Trying things on with Kimbley. That sounded less dirty in my head. )
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I totally figured something cool out ALL BY MYSELF and I'm so excited I'm ready to have kittens or explode or throw up or something. XD

But anyways! This should work in most kinds of Photoshop!

Boring, non-tutorial part. )

Happily, my results were the opposite of suck. ^_^

And it's really simple to do! ^___^

From the ground up with every single hint I could think of and detail that came to mind. Especially because, when I was first reading tutorials, I had NO IDEA what the shorthand meant. This doesn't have most of that shorthand.

You just go like this... )

Obviously, you can change all the settings around, as this won't work the same way with every picture, or with every squiggle. Be creative, and have fun.
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I fucking win.

Yesterday, I got Adobe Illustrator to sit up and do tricks. ON A MACINTOSH.

Okay, fine, it wasn't quite that easy...The part where it took me six and a half hours to complete two exercises was our first clue.

Pride, o, it goeth. )

Of course, the first thing he announced when he came in is that the proofs I spent all day building will not be due until tomorrow. XD

At least that means I don't have homework! Lol ^_~
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I learned a trick or two for drawing faces that actually makes sense. None of this "five eyes wide" crap. YOU try and draw eyes all magically the same width without a pica ruler and a goddamn compass. >^p

Although all figures are still eight heads tall. I tend to make men nine heads tall and women eight heads tall. My chicks all come out a lot more fit-looking than is popular, but that's nothing new. XD

Greed has a rectangle for a head. This makes him easy to sketch fast.



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