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Moar as I find moar.

If you have moar, especially if it is moar WITH ROMULANS, and extra-special bonus for DARK FIC IS DARK (WITH ROMULANS), comments are love.

ASDF (Etc.)

Jan. 7th, 2010 12:01 pm
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Well. Merry Christmas to you, too.

ajsdkfhjlkhs; AWESOME.

A good deal of backstory mangling must be had in order to shoehorn CANON REMAN WOES and Actual Hearthworlds Storytelling into the same space; so.
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I don't care how warm and fluffy and adorable she is, you cannot name your newest creature Eibhul.

Tribble. In the fake language that's eating my neurons.

I don't even have to spellcheck things like "Understood, sir" anymore ohgod help.

She is like a Tribble with a face. That whines and licks instead of purring.

hlkjfdssdaajdfnkas ♥

However Roxanne does not like her. I will have to watch them very closely these next few days, as Untitled Fluffpile Who Cannot Have A Rihan Name is only a puppy yet, and too easily squished by an eleven-pound bully like the Roxy Miss.

Roxy Miss is jealous. This will take time.

I have twenty pages of paper; two papers and a massive graphic design project, to DO. This weekend.


ALSO. How much ass does Windows 7 kick? Seriously. My computer loads from cold in half the time and my tablet actually works now.
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I see stars; do you see them, too?

In all honesty it's always looked like a dog, laughing, and lately I can see his teeth.

And yes, for the morbidly curious, I do see the monster in the authority blot.

Jealousy is unattractive. <3
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In The Pale Moonlight.


Nero is right. I mean, he doesn't know it, and wouldn't care if he did know it, because He So Craaazee, but. Still. In canon, even in shitty!Bermaga canon.

He doesn't know, because he can't know, but Spock knows, he must know, in order to know what else he knows, so unless he's dead by then (I have not checked my strictest canon) then he is actually lying about stuff--maybe not "Oh hey, us Vulcans are gonna slay you now kthxbye" but he is keeping quite a few other Fed cards tucked up in that bland grey vest.

...It will be war, Praetor. War is always glorious.

I. I don't. What is this I can't even.

It's possible I squeaked.

Thank you, Deep Space Nine. <3

I can't believe I just typed that whut. Lulz.

Yes, it's stupid how happy I am, and no, I don't care. XD
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I...I kind of love you, ffnet. Please don't ever change.

And kasviel? We've never met, but khlinae arhem and gratitude.

It's more Romulan crap! )

I got my hair cut. I look awesome.


Let's not overlook that.

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Holyshit poetry D:

Nero/Ayel, in the manner of freshman lit class. )

Pardon any misquotes, will you? It's been a decade since I gave a damn and five years since I read any fancy books other than Twain or London, and those not recently, and they're not European enough, you know.

Frost doesn't count, he's not European EITHER, and I can only take him in small doses, neat, with bourbon, yes I'm serious.

Migraines do odd, odd things to my thought processes. ^_^
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This is entirely sufficient excuse to use this icon.

Yes, it is.

Hahaha, the ad in the sidebar just happens to say, "We do more than shipping."

Oh, yes we do.

I wish the community were less fragmented. And that some of the here-first fen were less wary of the demented biker Romulans. Because they're so much fun! And once you know how they got that way, they're just lovely.

Nero has made them a hard and horrible world to do their growing up in, and I can't wait to see how they'll handle it, even though I know the next movie will be the Klingons, because everyone likes them best.

It's my pet theory that the Romulans need chainsaws.

Oh, hush.

There weren't any fiddles in first century Rome. And if there's any such instrument on ch'Rihan it's probably some version of a lyre and not played with a bow.

I mean. Really.
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I was trying to type something intelligent but it all comes out


Nero!fic planning blither. )

I also kind of want a Nero icon that says "DIAF your whole PLANET" but I suspect this is not the way to win friends and influence people within the fandom. XD


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