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Okay, I really should be working, but this is the most awesome thing EVER in the history of EVER for so very many reasons.

Yes, it's crossposted, shh.

Tagged because it involves all that social media stuff the kids are into these days.
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Y'know that thing, where two people have a different way of relating, so they're on opposite sides of the conversational spectrum, and sometimes when they talk, they wind up and up and UP trying to relate to each other and end up in gridlock?

You know. The one where the lone extrovert is shouting unfunny jokes to horrified silent onlookers in a business meeting?

Or that thing where you join a writer's circle in person, only to discover that you're ALL introverts and cannot be the one to say something first oh god this is why I hate talking in groups and you sit DESPERATELY waiting for someone to do SOMETHING?

THAT THING HAS A REAL NAME. In social science research.

It's called a complementary schismogenesis.

It's sometimes also known as "I drink because it sucks to be the only sober person up in that party, goddamn."
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Unless I have it wrong, those say roughly the same thing: the fuck, Jheti?

I'm going through my papers frantically because I know I've already done an independent study that's relevant to this one, because it examines computer-mediated communication.

And I can't find it anywhere, because it's backed up on my stupid media stickdrive USB thing that got Internet AIDS from the university library back in like, APRIL, and I can't remember where I fucking put it because AAAARRRRR and not the happy piratical Jolly Roger aaarrrr, no this is the I'm going to disembowel a kitten if you don't cooperate; please, think of the kittens aaaaaarrrrrrr of PURE FRUSTRATION.

I do, however, have my old notes from the project.

And while they no longer contain the sources, because who the hell puts their references on their personal notes?

They are an intriguing example of the way in which, usually, even I can't remember what I was talking about in the hours winding up to a research bullshit jag.

No, I'm serious, there's offensive material back here. Don't read or don't whine later.

Cut and pasted from my personal computer, without editing of any kind.

Chronic female pains! IT'S NOT A TUMOR. )

I wish I could remember what the shit I was talking about.
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this entire blog is probably the most relevant thing to my interests since EVER.

The marketing track are all scary bitches, but they get to study the fun stuff *seething envy*.

It's the most perfect thing. Most perfect blog. <3
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Honestly, if you pair this with the pending legalization measures for medicinal uses,

they may well have created an unstoppable political excuse powerhouse.

I mean, I don't give a shit; my druggie friend helped me discover that I'm CALL-AN-AMBULANCE allergic just to the fumes.

So it literally makes no difference to me.

I just find the possibility for justification enormous and therefore fascinating, particularly from a social sciences mindset.

Follow the money.

All it ever is is money.

Anyone who says it's not money? Thinks it's power, and is misinformed.

It's the money.


Amen hallelujah.
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Short version: I AM A MACRO. AND SO CAN YOU.

...I'll do it in three. )

Long version: Who is your commander? Is it him? )

Good lord. I've actually blistered my thumb on the spacebar. XD
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What should I be doing?

Reading "Understanding Social Science Research Methods" and thinking over preparations for abstracting "Elaboration Likelihood Model Factors That Affect Motivation And/Or Ability To Process The Message: Distraction, Repetition, And Rhetorical Questions", in order to produce a six-page critique that's due in about two weeks, WITH accompanying presentation.

What am I doing?

I'm researching Romulan involvement in the Dominion War. And trying to figure out why 40 Eridani is in the Beta Quadrant on some maps and the Alpha in others. (Either the Romulans and the Vulcans are in proximity kinda, or they are not. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, PARAMOUNT. XD)

So. "Research Methods And The Impact Of ELM Interference Factors On Message Transmission: Romulan Involvement in the Dominion War".

Yeah! That'll be a sexy paper. <3

But Jheti, wait! What if he's a Star Wars fan?

Simple: I'm screwed.

I have 50 episodes to watch, in four series, assuming I can even track them all down. The three important ones, I'm positive, and probably the two-parter; the rest are definitely a crapshoot, though I've seen some TAS clips floating around on Youtube. I may be stuck recording *shudder* SpikeTV.
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Back off, man. I'm a scientist.
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I find this fascinating, not for the two obvious conclusions (to wit, "humans are social animals" and "fat people are ostracized!") but because, O! Here is where it gets AWESOME: whole chunks of the smoking group quit simultaneously. That is a large concurrent attitude shift for reasons we don't precisely understand yet WITHIN THE GROUP DYNAMIC.

*Is transfixed.*

Do want. <3

(For reasons of glaringly obvious overshare, quite bored of the "haha loners get sick more 'cause NO ONE LIKES THEM HA" research.)

We could: induce volunteering behavior, incite riots, force corporations to their knees...the list goes on.

Olivia '08? ^_~

Must write Alex-Louis fic, must write Alex-Louis fic, must write Alex-Louis fic...


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