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I stayed up way too late last night pretending to be an evil computer, after a long, hard week, and I don't even have any assignments yet.

Between the low-grade sinus infection and the changes to my vitamin schedule, I'm not really sleeping well.

I might do a mediator certification course this summer. I'm also applying to this totally sweet speechwriter position, because my department advisor insisted that I be forwarded the opportunity. I definitely wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

I don't think I'll get it (I just--don't have the experience they're wanting/needing) but the fact that my guiding professor/THE HEAD OF THE FUCKING DEPARTMENT personally recommended a sweet, srsbns college job opp to me is both

a) thrilling



These people want me in their Rolodex, trollolololo.

I am sort of taken aback by his clear, obvs belief in my actual writing skills. Like to the point that I could use them for a job. A REAL JOB THAT PAYS REAL, GROWNUP MONEY.

AJEKFHSDJKLJksfdfjklhadsfjkhlasjkldfkhjakjsldfhlieuffhfs, indeed.

I have nine presentations, four papers, one research proposal and a TEAM EXPERIMENT to conduct in the next twelve weeks. I also have a constantly-on-the-threshold-of-maybe-being-a-conference-paper to, y'know, actually write.

The AIs are going to overtake the entire station and it is going to be glorious.

I've started actually using my gym membership, because like hell am I going to meet the king of the silver foxes looking like this.

I pulled that goddamn tendon in my leg. It's never been the same since I did that awesome sliding faceplant down the side of a volcano about six years back.

(Yes, really.)

It feels like someone took a shard of glass, and instead of cutting me with it, they sometimes poke the bottom of my foot really fucking hard and scrape and scrape until they almost get blood. Then they stop and repeat when I least expect it.

God, I can tell I'm not twenty anymore. Ow. :D

I've gone back to biting my nails. In other news: snow in New England; war in the Middle East.
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I'm functioning at life! I did all of the following in addition to my ADLs.

Put in for a teaching assistant job
Put in for a phone assistant job
I'm perpetually on the threshold of signing for the title of a car, if my parents can make up their minds as to whether it's a lemon
I'm making myself look at all the data we collected on survivor's guilt! I can't really describe for you the agony.
I got to my meetings despite blowing out a tire on the freeway at rush hour
I found news stories and political books written, black and white, about West Africa in the 90's
I have to find my interview tape for the last session
I have to read my informant's extended biography
I'm getting ready to pick up a church I don't believe in! I don't know what to feel or what to say!
I'm finally writing ~KIRK, WINGED SAVIOR OF THE RIHANNSU~ who also have wings, BECAUSE, and the Vulcans have wings but they pulled them out, trading the sky for the stars
I lost the Star, and I lost the Four of Cups, and I can't take an oracle, and I'm really starting to Two-Face just a little bit about it


I'm also on season two of The Last Airbender after deciding I'd Had Enough last weekend and deserved to hide in my room for like...six and a half hours. Ooops.
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I just wanted it on the books that I'm an actual adult who can complete tasks ahead of schedule, and I proved it by registering for everything for Spring term within six hours of advanced reg becoming available.

Also: anyone know a chill game with actually humanly possible activity checks willing to borrow a second-hand Romulan?

I wanted a dressing room but all the Trek ones are DEEEEAAAAAD.

I will eventually have thoughts on a visit. When I can think.

Sweet oblivion, open your arms.
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While I understand that "dinner" is a theoretical construct, and its components may differ,

there should be more in it than vodka and Dr. Pepper.



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My first driving lesson in eleven years is in about an hour.

You guys I'm gonna get my license.

Fuck lj-cut. ♥
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This is my official four-week notice.

In thirteen days, I am going to:

Learn to drive
Pass the math section of the GRE and blow the ceiling off the Verbal/Written section; aka "I didn't know [the score] went that high" MARK II
GET FUCKING REGISTERED, probably by today
Write a conference paper I haven't really started researching yet
Get all my fall classes and financial aid squared for that term FOR BOTH DEGREES

Technically, I will be back in Purgatory my homespace in time for my mother's birthday.

I'll be back in the land of the living in August, when school starts.

What's the deal with this pop life.
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I...don't actually want to do this. At all. I am terrified and numb and ready to shove my fist through the monitor, laughing, all at once.

Hello there! Don't be a stranger
I might be a lot, but at least I'm good

Must be fierce. Kissy-kissy in the rolltop rearview, honk honk RRRRrrrrRRRRRAAAAAAH SKREEEEEEE.

No one ever suspects.

There ain't nothin' gonna stop me now
And I'm almost there

Let's do this.
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I. I actually typed this.

This finding seems to suggest that applied refutational same inoculation messages (discussed in more detail in the following section) may help problem drinkers by giving them another means to direct their attention away from tempting, persuasive alcohol cues, irrespective of issues such as age or peer pressure, though this has not yet been formally tested.



(It's a really fascinating paper on a topic that interests me, mmmm addictive mindset, why are you so beautiful, ma sirene, ma cherie la poupee, ♥ BUT OH GOD, the ~THINGS I AM DOING~ to the American English language in order to tease out the required 18-page length of the paper.

I could present a valid, sharp conclusion in twelve. I could present a valid, sharp conclusion with pretty run-ons in fifteen. At eighteen? It hurts.)

Between this and the thesis, my wrists have been numb for two days, and my shoulder keeps making this cool noise every time I hit the Return key.
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The fact that I have enough finished material to even create a draft professional documentation portfolio? (I need to hear back from my most important client, but that's my fault for a message-delivery error.)

And that professionals, career professionals, will look at the finished product?

Terrified is an insufficient word.

Ohai, ulcer, nice to hear from you.
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My next internship coordinator's name? Is genderswitch for Petrelli.

I am stupidly geeked out right now. Possible editing experience, mmm.
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Hey. I'm deep, deep in a project I thought I had all of next weekend to work on.

Yeah. That would be a no.


It's a fake pamphlet for a fake charity that helps fake people learn to fake read.

And I can't think of what we call ex-cons and parolees in PC language.

I'm thinking of something along the lines of "correctional (noun)", in the same vein that jails have magically become "correctional facilities" in the last few years.

My bullshitter gland is totally fried by IMPENDING FINALS and wiki is not being helpful.

Assistance pls?
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Who aced their fucking paper?


I think you're special
What's behind your back

Apparently I'm fuckin' outstanding and I get more overrides. Oh yeah. That's right.

So turn around and I'll pick up the slack

It. Oh, my extracirricular concerns. <3



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