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There's no sex in your violence. )

Done instead of...other things, because I'm running into issues; Obvious is not all sparklypants and therefore would not be carrying lube on his person. They're not homunculi, so blood is right out. No amount of spit will ever make the strength difference okay.

It's been awhile since I had such a refreshing problem. ^_~
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It’s not even a drabble! There’s no sense without context! Which totally doesn’t matter, because.

Greed the First and Bradley. Mangaverse. Violence, duh, but it’s only slash in my head. )

I sort of have one, a kind of revelation that came to me in the form of Shou Tucker (!!) of all characters, but it's not ready yet. If I can just survive this month.

Survival. That is the plan.
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For [livejournal.com profile] foxbaby:

Foxy/pimp!cat OTP.

Now, there's no point in placing the blame )

For [livejournal.com profile] finer_verities:

Olivia and Mustang have post-Christmas generic winter holiday party words. I'm not the best at manga continuity, so beware.

How can life be what you want it to be? )

Also: attack of the angst! I actually wrote GEN. Le gasp.

You waste your time with hate and regret. )
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] ranty_rie.

Sentences! From things! )
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It started here.

Here's more. )

And I finally know some things, so I need to hurry up and type them in while I'm still on a caffeine jag. ^_~
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Complete, finito, done. Somewhere 'round about 3,000, I think.

So, Roy Walks Into A Bar: Animeverse AU, sometime in the 30's episode-wise. Because Roy and Greed should've met, damnit. It would've been so awesome.

Poor Greed, always getting his ass kicked. XD )

Spot the mangaverse reference? ^_~
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Harry Potter.

Abortive, aborted, distorted; one version of a request ages ago. Will never be finished in this form. Here instead of elsewhere because my login is stuffed up.

I'll win some ground but lose you; all these miles of water. )
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Fullmetal Alchemist. Alex-Louis angst, some early stretch of time after Ishbal. Just barely squeaks over double-drabble length.
No content warnings; OMG NO PAIRINGS WHUT.

Armstrong is Hiromu Arakawa's. He is unloved, and it makes me sad. )

I have no pink sparkly icon. WOE.
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Fifty sentences, one character, blah.

I think this was theme-set epsilon? *Exhaustion.*

They'll have to go through you first; my money says they won't be prepared. )

Desperately tired. Still need committee. Going to the art museum tomorrow. And having a Naruto-and-Batman marathon. FTW, indeed.
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There should probably be content warnings? A little imagery? A touch of male chauvanism? Whatever.

Hahahaha Markus with a k = Leena with all of her weaknesses and none of her strengths. Because I'm confusing. Ooops. XD

I will employ all of my cunning and my patience, then we will persevere. )
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I had all fifty finished...and overwrote them with an older version by mistake. Ah, the joy of backups. Machine goes in for repairs at the same time I start school. Life is grand! ^_^

Meanwhile, here's what I have. Reprints/repost, in order.

Don't tell me you feel pretty when you're such a mess. )
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I was waiting to finish the set, but this post just proves my intervention is necessary.

He's about to be spoken for, and nevermind what HE wants. )

And anyway, every time you write Scorp/Sub, god kills a Lin Kuei.
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It began here.

Act One Scene Two? XD )

Kinda Mustangy perspective next, if I can manage the viewpoint. Yeah. ^_^

Greed's indiscriminate unrequited attempts to / himself with everything that moves especially if it's as fine as Roy don't get him anywhere, and for him it's more like an innate trait anyway, like freckles, only...lewd, and wow is this metaphor getting weirdy bad example on me, but anyway.

Roy's not taking the bait. Despite Greed kinda oozing across the counter at him all slinky. So it's not slash. Because I happen to like Royai almost as much as slash.

Defense rests! ;p
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Notes: OMG it's HET WHUT. Tru Fax SRYSLY. Request!fic for [livejournal.com profile] warrax1 who asked for it, like, literally years ago. Oops. XD Faith/Gunn. Just about a thousand words. Sorta sexuh, not much detail; PG-13 ish? If you're old enough to sneak a look at Cinemax while your parents are away for a weekend, you're old enough to read this.

Also, I haven't seen Angel, as is probably painfully obvious, but uh, I tried? XD

Lo and behold, for there were record low temperatures in Hades today. )
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A One Dead Bunny training exercise.


The contents of Mileena's fridge. )
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To quote one of the greats:


Slightly AU blah blah. No slash, and more's the pity, but more is always better, except right now. XD
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100 words. Actual proper drabble!
Baraka/Batman; MK vs DC--Yes, They're Serious. *Flinch.*
No content advisory.

Humans are stupid; Fortune's the vilest of all the deadly sins. )
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This pretty well works for me, I suppose.

Fifty sentences, one character, the only character I ever bother much with (see icon omg shocker), but I hope to come up with a few tricks the readers haven't seen before.

She'd cook alone amid a brutal ruin, it's hard to tell exactly what she's doin' )

Keeps me writing, at least. *Shrug.*
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Even the walls are sleek, lush, papered with sound-deadening silk that devours her breath. It's too warm, too close, there's nowhere to catch on anything, nothing to snag, no way to hold herself up. There is not a mark anywhere on anything, singular gleaming surfaces and fabric like ink, clinging, grasping and infinite and hot.

"How," the word is ragged on the heels of a deep gulp for air, "how can you stand it?"

Her face is perfect, seamless and blank, shining with some color that would suggest roses and kittens on anyone else--and might still, on her face, for anyone who does not know. Her lips are smeared carmine from a neat row of pinking-shear gashes, that slight loss of control, but never once on her part. Red looks good on her, anyway. It coils down to her chin as she makes words; her smile wavers but never ends.

"It does have its perks."


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