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Broad humor in Firefly flavor.

Jayne Eyre: being the most lolarious unsucking of Charlotte Bronte TO EVER EXIST.

Unsucking Charlotte Bronte. I did not think 'twere possible, nay, I didn't.

But it has happened.
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There's no sex in your violence. )

Done instead of...other things, because I'm running into issues; Obvious is not all sparklypants and therefore would not be carrying lube on his person. They're not homunculi, so blood is right out. No amount of spit will ever make the strength difference okay.

It's been awhile since I had such a refreshing problem. ^_~
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By [livejournal.com profile] inkvoices. Wash/Zoe of the PG-13 sort. (Takes place before the Tams are aboard; that's why they're not there.)

Everyone is in character; it's almost like an episode of the show. *Squeeble.*
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The whole story in 19 words, or: how Jheti Writes Genfic. )
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Now, this I might read.

Threesome? ^_~

(This I doubt, however.)

And yes, third commenter down, they most certainly ARE named for Pollux and Castor; the Discouri are the gods of knights. Featured on the coinage, and they were prominent for a while as Roman powers tended to be.

Pollux was also called Polydeuces.

By the wayside, lux = "light", continuing the tradition of naming the Tam girls with nouns. XD
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As I was looking for nonexistent stories in the movies section, it occurred to me:

A Firefly/Titan AE crossover would be pretty awesome. They both share a "derelict Earth" plotline and a "humans are a multicultural spaceborne mishmash struggling to survive" universe-feel. Joss Whedon was involved with both projects; Titan AE has a number of concepts and themes that are sort of proto-Firefly.

And it would bring both aliens and Splashdown songs into the same general location as Firefly.

I mean, I don't want to write it--I promised myself, No More Epics--but it just...the thought deserves to exist. And be plastered all over the Internet.

So. Now it is. Yeah. ^_^
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It's great that Wash and Zoe are a stable canon couple of happiness. Really. I love them, not least because the idea of them being naked together is pretty awesome.


Why is it that this is the only time I see good icons of Zoe? Or an at-all in character Zoe?

She did kick ass both before AND after her all-fulfilling magical husband arrived on the scene.

(Okay, he's a hell of a pilot and he's funny. He's also mostly famous for being unfairly dead. That's all. Let's please be real. If you're going to shove traitor!Jayne down my face, you'd better be prepared to deal with the fact that Wash, despite being awesome, does not do the traditional hero stuff--his WIFE does. Don't play Missing the Point just because strong women are so icky and need a good husband. You make my skin itch.)

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It's Friday. Let there be (omg teh fictionals, bbqz, lollerolls, spqr) incest accordingly.

The only bit of Simon/River I am ever likely to write. Goes up public, and stays public. If you're old enough to lie about your age, you've probably already walked in on your parents doing worse. (Rated PG-ish.)

Disjointed and out of sequence, oh heapz of noes.

You will be all things. You get what you bring... )

NOTE: Joss is boss. At least of these two. I'm pretty sure he doesn't own Greek mythology. XD

I make no money. I intend no defamation. IS MAKE-BELIVE KTHX. You no strikethrough sue me plz.
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My hands are tied, so tell me what we do? )
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If you see an icon post tagged "87 Serenity (movie)" or "15 Ariel", that means there are, depending, between 86 and 14 icons of River, and maybe one of like, the ceiling, or some cool Alliance piece of furniture.

Hey, no, River's awesome and her face icons very prettily. I don't mind a bit. ^_^

What I don't understand is why ppl can't just say, "Omigosh 86 River icons! Yay!"

They have to be all stealthy about it.

Well, plus, I guess that's a sexy ceiling. Yeah. XD
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This does infact make me tear up somewhat. 'Cause that's about what it'd take. *emo tears.*

Someone I know will probably get a kick out of this one. ^_~

See, sometimes [livejournal.com profile] the_cortex actually has stuffs besides Rayne icons. XD
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"Would River want [to have Jayne's] children?"

...Not if she were sane.

Sorry, kidlets, but that one wrote itself. I mean, I didn't even have to TRY.
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Disclaimer: Uh. I like River and it's not my fault my Jayne really, really doesn't? And the important parts belong to Joss Whedon, Esquire, Emperor of Yadda Yadda, Creator of The Big Damn Show, can we read the story part now please.

You asked for it. Or maybe you didn't. XD

Why River and Jayne are not a happy shiny couple, part the first. )

Once again with the big flashing "I don't hate River" and "it's not my fault".

HOWEVER.dot com. Rayne should not exist. There's your proof.


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