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Anybody know how to get rid of all the spam comments? LJ refuses to let me delete or block them in any practical way.

It's one of the reasons I've somewhat given up on longhand blogging.

That, and I keep forgetting to force myself to do it every day.
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Capslock flail goes here. I'm half done. With the whole mess. Maybe two-thirds done.

Observe: )

Of course, I still have to do a wrap memo and backfilled timesheet (hahahaha I should've majored in fiction, if you're catching my drift) FOR AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PROJECT after that's all done.

Oh, oh, and a book report!

But I've had the book read and highlighter-dumped for some time now, and I have...five hours Tuesday to take care of that.

D= I forgot about the presentation! For YET ANOTHER CLASS.

I'll do it Wednesday. I'll have no choice, at that point, BUT to do it on the morning of the day that it is due.

And then I will collapse sobbing into my latte`, but they will be tears of sweet, sweet victory.

I hope.
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I've moved into the living room, the better for to keep an eye on the children dogs.

More or less next to the TV. And we all have very different personal tastes and theories of waking up.

So, my mornings look like...

Breakcore Fred and Ginger with outer-space codependence on the side?

No sudden dubsteb darling don't you do.

Ladies and Gentlemen...fasten your seatbelts
You are free to move about the cabin
We may experience some slight turbulence
And then explode

Thrown together at two a.m. directly before sleep. Achieved with Google-ganking; image sources are not mine; all credit to their makers, whom I can't remember. )
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The King is dead; long live the King.

And Farrah. Be fabulous in better places than this, angel. You will be missed.

(Damn it people from when stuff was cool, pls to stop leaving, it really fucking sucks.)


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