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Fanfiction. Mine. Master list. Sorted by fandom. Updated on a when-I-feel-like-it basis.

I've switched from reposting at ff.net to reposting everything I ever had at ff.net here, because dear god, the formatting.

Cut 'cause it's sorta long. )
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Meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] ranty_rie. ♥

Click. Or don't. It'll be a week like that. )
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I'm avoiding dreaming. That's what the burning of the candle at both ends is for.

I seem to be missing fandoms; prima fabula has overtaken the others. To the point that I am tempted to wear my chastity belt Starfleet shirt in public.

Shall I go on at length about Rasputina!Romulans and the fact that I have listened to Identity Tokens something like six hundred times in the last three days?

I thought not.

I think they met in training. I think they met over a disagreement with their instructors. I think they beat the crap out of each other instead of saying hello. I suspect this is how they greet the ones they love. Ravsai, I hate you; never leave me; let's kill them all and run away from here.

I am thinking again of Alex-Louis. I've missed him.

I have Shou Tucker angst SOMEWHERE in one of my university notebooks--the one with the plastic celadon cover and grotesquely warped spiral binding from the time I accidentally shut the backpack zipper on the spine and it caught in the teeth and yeah, that was a mess.

But I can't find it, can't remember what I did with it.

I'm drinking so much coffee that I smell like it, even behind careful washings and extra antiperspirant.

Did you know, if you're...less than fresh-scented...and out of options, hand sanitizer works as a stopgap? Others living in hot climates, do take note. The effect is much better, cleaner and longer lasting than cranking up the perfume. It needed to be said. Especially to those of us--you know who you are!--that think Axe Body Spray is some kind of magical soap alternative.

Mmmm. Today I must do homework.

Also, there will be prose. I think I just made a cryptic tacit promise. <3
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From [livejournal.com profile] taraljc.

Name fifteen favorite fannish pairings (het/slash/canon/fanon), and ask people if they notice any common traits/tendencies in the pairings you choose. Try to pick different fandoms.

Different fandoms? Oops. Here, have them in vague chronological order backward, including ships for fandoms I'm no longer in or only in to converse with the awesome people I met there. Also, please note that I pay no attention to the / direction.

Pairings! )

BONUS ROUND: My original pairing was and will always be Zelda/Link (The Legend of Zelda)

I still can't stand Jayne/River (Firefly).
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Moar kinkmeme blither. )


I'm a really bad Fullmetal fan. I have a half-dozen episodes to watch. I should probably watch them all before I'm seven behind? And apparently the new chapters are some sort of disaster NO DON'T SPOIL ME.

I just...oh, screw coherence. *Points at icon.*

THAT RIGHT THERE IS EATING MY NEURONS. IT IS HIS FAULT. VULCAN WILL BURN and then Spock will need comforting, a lot, and McCoy isadoctordamnit, this ain't natural, but it's right, and Kirk can come, too. Heh.
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ETA: I just watched it! I cried. It's that awesome. "You have just taken your first step into hell." Oh Ed, my Ed. And the backgrounds are so lush and gorgeousful and.


Oh oh oh oh.

Look look look LOOK. <3


I seriously had to bite my face to keep from SCREAMING. In pure excitement.

I haven't seen it yet and I don't care BECAUSE IT IS THAT AWESOME. and Mangaverse kinda spoilers back here if you're only reading licensed volumes )

This entirely suits my requirements. And look what they named it! ^_^

Can there be an AU out there where Greed the First takes ownership of the Elrics and helps them get what they want, and they go eeeeevilll, and havoc ensues?

And like Roy has Fuhrer's Orders to kill them! And Kimbley, jilted by Greed the First, wants to help him do it. That would be awesome.

And Hughes as a homunculus, just to rip Roy the fuck apart. Angst fen would worship me. I think anime!Hughes would become another Pride, honestly, if we go ahead with manga rules where Bradley is Wrath. Selim can just die in a fire. The creepy little shit.

See I could write that. If I had the time. So I'll just blither about it instead.

In conclusion:


INFINITE WIN + it's > 9,000.
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It’s not even a drabble! There’s no sense without context! Which totally doesn’t matter, because.

Greed the First and Bradley. Mangaverse. Violence, duh, but it’s only slash in my head. )

I sort of have one, a kind of revelation that came to me in the form of Shou Tucker (!!) of all characters, but it's not ready yet. If I can just survive this month.

Survival. That is the plan.
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Theft from [livejournal.com profile] taraljc:

My dearth of TV fandoms, let me show you it? Er. )


Yes, yes that does merit capslock. It merits large deafening capslock squee, and thus, and therefore.
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Just like it says in the title bar.

I'm trying not to think about it, where it = life, and channeling all my frustrations into the inch between Koteth's fists and Mileena's face.

Koteth isn't my other. I rather suspect Kung Lao is. He's no good, but he's the most religious, and certainly willing to die for an idea(ls), which is as close to a polar opposite as I have.

TL;DR protagonist mouthfoam: perfection is boring. There are actual FMA manga references back here. Yes, that's a thin, pathetic attempt at bait. XD )

...Tiny asides are tiny.
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For [livejournal.com profile] foxbaby:

Foxy/pimp!cat OTP.

Now, there's no point in placing the blame )

For [livejournal.com profile] finer_verities:

Olivia and Mustang have post-Christmas generic winter holiday party words. I'm not the best at manga continuity, so beware.

How can life be what you want it to be? )

Also: attack of the angst! I actually wrote GEN. Le gasp.

You waste your time with hate and regret. )
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Complete, finito, done. Somewhere 'round about 3,000, I think.

So, Roy Walks Into A Bar: Animeverse AU, sometime in the 30's episode-wise. Because Roy and Greed should've met, damnit. It would've been so awesome.

Poor Greed, always getting his ass kicked. XD )

Spot the mangaverse reference? ^_~
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What the shit?

Okay. I do this, too, I'm guilty, too, mostly in Replacement Killers, but it's fun funtimes, and it's not supposed to be a story.

There is a difference between the dross I keep in my personal journal and the stuff that actually makes it to posting status.

To wit: I know: How not to stuff up my account. Although here are some ways I could. )

Which, finally, we're at my point. PointSSssS. I have more than one.


I don't care how badass you are Ruseugi-or-whatever is, Greed DOES NOT, generally, want to bed things/people/Sues that are actively trying to kill him.

Unless these things/people are named, oh, Envy, for example. Or Lust. Or Martel. Riza makes him nervous for the same reasons Kimbley makes him nervous--he's not afraid of death, but getting shot in the package, even when it grows back? Not his favorite passtime. Also, just 'cause bullets bounce off doesn't mean they don't hurt. XD

Anyway, Greed does pop a boner for just about everything, but a) that doesn't mean she's SPECIAL; he's just a pervert, or b) that he loves her.

Although he might tie her up and leave her naked in a closet somewhere so he could take her out and admire her flawless etc. etc. at intervals until she died. And then he would go collect a new pretty nothing. They flock to him by the millions, you see.

Maybe he'd separate them by type? A whole wall of Sues with gleaming rainbow wingspans, frozen and flawless in eternal SILENCE. Meaningless gorgeous THINGS. *Wallows in it.*

Uh, before my hold on the "righteous" portion of the "righteous wrath" completely evaporates.


Don't fucking update a WIP I love, flaws and all with "I'm totally never updating this again because my original manga is way more important."

It doesn't make me love you. It achieves rather the opposite.

I wanted a story about Greed BEING KING OF HELL. Not about your original characters. And, you know what? Even if your comic turns out to be really super awesome, I still won't care about it.

I ordered a chili dog, with extra cheese, and you brought me a fucking UNFLAVORED QUAKER RICE CAKE.

I am so pissed off right now. That's such a dirty cheat.

When you take a dump, and then put syrup on it? That's not pancakes.


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Fullmetal Alchemist. Alex-Louis angst, some early stretch of time after Ishbal. Just barely squeaks over double-drabble length.
No content warnings; OMG NO PAIRINGS WHUT.

Armstrong is Hiromu Arakawa's. He is unloved, and it makes me sad. )

I have no pink sparkly icon. WOE.
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I find this fascinating, not for the two obvious conclusions (to wit, "humans are social animals" and "fat people are ostracized!") but because, O! Here is where it gets AWESOME: whole chunks of the smoking group quit simultaneously. That is a large concurrent attitude shift for reasons we don't precisely understand yet WITHIN THE GROUP DYNAMIC.

*Is transfixed.*

Do want. <3

(For reasons of glaringly obvious overshare, quite bored of the "haha loners get sick more 'cause NO ONE LIKES THEM HA" research.)

We could: induce volunteering behavior, incite riots, force corporations to their knees...the list goes on.

Olivia '08? ^_~

Must write Alex-Louis fic, must write Alex-Louis fic, must write Alex-Louis fic...
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It began here.

Act One Scene Two? XD )

Kinda Mustangy perspective next, if I can manage the viewpoint. Yeah. ^_^

Greed's indiscriminate unrequited attempts to / himself with everything that moves especially if it's as fine as Roy don't get him anywhere, and for him it's more like an innate trait anyway, like freckles, only...lewd, and wow is this metaphor getting weirdy bad example on me, but anyway.

Roy's not taking the bait. Despite Greed kinda oozing across the counter at him all slinky. So it's not slash. Because I happen to like Royai almost as much as slash.

Defense rests! ;p
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To quote one of the greats:


Slightly AU blah blah. No slash, and more's the pity, but more is always better, except right now. XD
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I don't care for Wrath; his issues are not my issues. And the voice acting. So shrill.

But. Demo, pero. I must make an exception. Yes.

This video is very nice.

Disturbing imagery, a little blood and so on. Children beware. I like this song, also. Does anyone know who the artist is?

Just one more hit and I'll be fine
I swear to GOD
This will be my
One, last time
(Run away before you drown)


There is, supposedly, a doujin of Bradley/Greed. With a hard s&m advisory plastered all over it. *Purrrrr.* Now, to get my hands on it and someone with a working knowledge of kanji. XD

You know the one. That scene. Greed's very best imitation of a pincushion.

Oh, my shiny authority buttons. PRESS THEM HARDER ohgod DON'T STOP.

Shall I pretend I didn't type that? Okay. REWIND. ERASE ERASE ERASE.

Your bootprints from my face.

Now, that would be a shame.

It's perfect, in a way. "Where is your Pride?"


You know you like it, you like it on top. <3
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Could we please stop with the "gold locked with amethyst" in reference to their eyes meeting?

I am not perfect. I did this too, years ago, with Neo and Smith. I know how tempting and irresistibly poetic it is and that it is compulsory.

All slash fen must do it at least once. It's like het fen and songfic.

But please. Once, and only once, is entirely enough. They could just put their arms around each other instead. Greed has grabby hands. This has potential.

And makes no reference, for good or ill, to their eye color at all. For which your audience will love you. Promise.



PS: It was still adorable, on the whole. <3
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Be not afraid, for it is not slash. I'm just going demon-stomping.

Of course it's unfinished.

Piecemeal )
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Greed/Envy. Not a follow-up; they did some kind of batshit hurt/comfort!hurt...thing...instead. 1,000 words or so. Anime, AU, past!fic, alpha copy, SLASH (m/m). Standard boilerplate applies. Slightly more dub in the con this time. Apologies to Arakawa Hiromu, to whom the characters belong.

Reward Response )


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