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Y'know that thing, where two people have a different way of relating, so they're on opposite sides of the conversational spectrum, and sometimes when they talk, they wind up and up and UP trying to relate to each other and end up in gridlock?

You know. The one where the lone extrovert is shouting unfunny jokes to horrified silent onlookers in a business meeting?

Or that thing where you join a writer's circle in person, only to discover that you're ALL introverts and cannot be the one to say something first oh god this is why I hate talking in groups and you sit DESPERATELY waiting for someone to do SOMETHING?

THAT THING HAS A REAL NAME. In social science research.

It's called a complementary schismogenesis.

It's sometimes also known as "I drink because it sucks to be the only sober person up in that party, goddamn."
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Oh joy!


It reminds me of those long, awkward afternoons in theology class, where I either

A) Skipped to Revelation and savored the blood blood burnydeath action movie sequences
B) Quietly read my pocket dictionary instead.

Yeah, other nerds had comic books inside theirs. Pretty sure I was doin' it wrong. <3

I really do this shit in my spare time! Well, I used to.

I read things like The Little Brown Book of Corporate Advancement and Shakespeare's Insults: Educating Your Wit

not because I am a pretentious douchewaffle (though I will proudly admit being an arrogant windbag <3 IT'S MINE I OWN IT, WHATCHU DO NOW BITCHEZ :D)

but because I enjoy the pretty noises English makes when you contort it into all kinds of fun shapes!

I just. Love words. They're kind of my favorite thing.

And one of the things I love most about the Internet is being able to repeat all these catchphrases that have no context. I love this language. It's so weird and adorable and I don't even, can't sentence properly.

The best part is? We'll leave all this stuff behind, screaming THIS and FIRST and IAWTP, and our children and grandchildren will be largely unable to decipher any of it.

Ain't that the bee's knees.

Or possibly a humdinger. It's definitely one of those.
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I just wrote my first poem in months!

And my first true, personal, persona non obligata poem in well over a year and a half.

To celebrate, an observation:

many words are fabulous, entirely independent of their meaning.

One of my personal favorites is explicit.

It is nothing less than the sound of surgical scissors whispering closed
over an opened vein.
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I just saw Windows' new campaign slogan. "Life Without Walls".

And it hit me that you certainly can have life without walls.


You literally cannot have windows without walls.

A door is essentially a wall with hinges, a wall designed to be opened. Moreover, here in Eigeria, our back doors are frequently NOTHING BUT a single massive window that slides open--a window that is also a wall that is also a door.
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You know you've had a long day when you take "Script Writers 2009"

to mean "Styptic White 2009".

Sometimes when I hold a book up and flip through it quickly, words will sort of zip past my eyes, portmanteaus or substitutions, unconscious changes like the one above. I don't even have to be tired. Serif font books, or books with heavier type, will do it more predictably, and the pages have to be obvious blocks of text, as with a narrative; thin lines, like cooking instructions, don't fuse properly.

Poetry is also iffy.
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I'm cheating on my boyfriend with my new boyfriend.

I'mma chuck all his shitty CDs out the window later. XD
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About once every ninety days, I make it up to the library in the city to see what they have for sale.

I have a military fantasy, a historical* fantasy, a pair of urban fantasies, a fantasy classic, four 'standard' fantasy novels, one of those 'woman warrior' books, a novelization of a fantasy movie, and a horror-parody that somehow got lumped in with the others.

I also have Charles Darwin, and FINALLY my own copy of Othello.

*This is the proper word. Now with rabid swearing mouthfoam. And nearly-solid capslock. )

Hmm. My Shift key sticks now. XD
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If one more fucking politician says "the reason is because", I will punch my TV and laugh about it, all the way to the emergency room.
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This site, with a bit of poking, yields some organized anatomy tables with only a modicum of Latin.

Especially useful inclusion of surface anatomy details! Important for descriptions of what things should look like to outside observers/the audience/characters that barely know which end of the scalpel to hold.

The same characters might not know, for example, NOT to move trauma victims, and might try to, oh, lift someone with a visible head injury, with complete disregard for their neck.

Or that lifting stuff off the body? Can cause...it has a fancy name, but basically if the bloodflow is cut to like, your arm or leg, because it's pinned by something for a length of time, and then blood rushes back into the limb? That can be quite harmful. I just forget the name.

It's the same kind of blood-flow badness that happens when you squeeze a bruise. You really shouldn't. Put some ice in a cloth and very gently press.

Uh, yeah.

In most of my fandoms, the usefulness of something like this is a given.

If I see one more instance of unconscious!soldiers being carried "bridal style" (which is a weird phrase I've seen infecting the Pit recently) from the field without any sort of PRETENSE at an examination to check if they're even breathing--that is, NOT A CORPSE--I really will scream. I mean it.

Sic, thus, therefore.
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The real lulz come from the disclaimer. Which appears to have been added hours apart from the actual post.


On the upside, I'll never worry about purple prose again, though that's someone else's doing.

No matter what I do. No matter what I write. No matter what happens. Nothing I can string together will ever be as purple as this:

"Hot rain slammed like bullets into water the color of a bruise."

Seriously. XD
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ETA: After some consideration, the pretty book with the lion story is probably a version of the tale The Camel and His Friends.

I went to the art museum, and they had an exhibit displaying art by the almighty creator of DINOSAUR BOB.

Oh! I lack sufficient words for this book. Obtain the Bob, comprehend the Bob, praise be to Bob. It is my second-favorite book from childhood.

There is a beautiful new one, The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs, and just, yes.

Fair warning: he has since gone on to create Rolie Polie Ollie. He has a screamingly yellow homepage here.

My most favorite infantile book was/is Pat the Bunny. I am a very tactile Jheti and it is A TACTILE BOOK. I sneer at your Aristotelian concepts and spurn your words of vocabulary with deeply scornful scorn. Who needs lessons? I has a bunny. <3

There is also an absolutely gorgeous book I can't remember the name of. Hardback, heavy, rough vinyl cream-colored cover, and all I recall of the story is that it's about the lion in the jungle, and he's not a good king, and there is a camel and a monkey, and the ART. Is deep, vibrant colors and has an arabesque motif. The lion is sad-eyed and has an indolent air about him.

I can't for the life of me remember its name. I rememeber the lettering was done with gold ink, and I thought that classy. (Preliterate!memory ftw. Hey, it was the '80's! XD)

I have a half-forgotten memory of a book, too, from when I was about seven, and really too old for these kinds of tales, but there was a unicorn and a goblin and rubies were important to the plot, which had the usual "without my horn I'll die!" fixture to it and shades of Rumpelstiltskin, and DAMN.

I have given up on ever finding the white book with dazzling pencil illustrations of the Fairy Queen's attempt to spirit away a young boy. I thought it was a Caldecott book; I am wrong. There is no hope for it. I speculate it was published no earlier than 1960 and not later than 1990, as I discovered it in 1989, and it's probably out of print, you know.

Apparently, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs makes people uncomfortable?


In conclusion: children's books are srys biz.



Because I see this cropping the hell up all over the place lately.

Adverse IS NOT averse. Watch.

You are averse to things you do not like. For instance, "Fred was averse to tuna fish, but he thought salmon was awesome."

If our friend Fred were adverse to tuna fish, that would literally mean that "Fred is bad for tuna."

Notice that he could be adverse to them by eating them, but he probably wouldn't eat them, because he is averse to them.

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Okay. There's a technical academic term for a particular sort of paper.

It works like this. Some researchers pick a popular theory that has lots of research already done on it, in several different studies. They round up the studies, itemize the findings of each study, and compile a paper on the results. It's the "big picture" analysis of several studies.

WHAT IS THE TERM FOR THIS PAPER? I used to know. I have been trying to remember all week.

O, btw: it's not an abstract.

Anyone? Help? *Frazzle.*
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Hugeantic name resource here. Apparently for pets, but only you and I and the rest of the Internet will know if you use them for your characters.

Probably best for MK fandom; could just as easily work for originals, depending on the worldlieu.

I needed an extra with a decently convincing name for a line of throwaway dialogue. BUT DUDE. Check out what Lin Yao means. That's cool. Not super relevant, or at all helpful to me presently, but cool.

My extra is a manly man with a girl's name. I have decided. ^_^
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Presentation's over. Could've gone better; it was corrupted or something and I ended up having to load them one at a time from the original YouTubes.

AND ONE MORE THING. I thought of this at lunch today. I actually sat at a table in Burger King, so I was still alone, but this time I was alone in an ocean of people, watching soap opera closed-captions crawl past as I ate, and it came to me. GLORIOUS EPIPHANY; GREAT SUCCESS.

Here are words that are kinda hard for me to spell, and seem to be hard for other people, too, and easy words to mix up.

We smoothe things over until they are smooth, and we breathe to take a breath.

See? They're different. The E is important. ^_^ E = verbs. No E = not the verbs.

Every time I see someone "mouth" words in fic...Dude, You Know You've Read Too Much Slash When.

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And in the I'm Right box, we can add the fascinating subject of that particular adjective and emotional state "nonplussed".

I first learned this word at the age of seven, from a Star Trek book. I did not look this word up until I was twelve, because some random adult or other with social power had informed me that I was head-deskingly WRONG about its usage.

Let us consider the word. It usually appears in dialogue, and usually in this fashion.

"Uh, I, that is--yes," he said, nonplussed.

That's not the exact sentence I found it in; I don't remember the specific sentence, just how neato I thought it was that there was a word besides "Ummm" for that state of total, sometimes-stuttering-inducing, more-or-less hesitant bewilderment.

I sat down and thought about it when I realized I understood the word but had no idea what it actually meant. Like many kids do when good explanations aren't right at hand, I made some likely-sounding shit up.

"Non-" means not something. "Plussed" means adding things. Thus, I figured "not-adding" as a compound word meant, "that blank feeling you get when you attempt to put two and two together and not only don't get four, the whole math problem evaporates in a giant cloud of 'UH.... WHAT?', leaving you groping about for something meaningful, or at least less stupid, to say."

Seriously. Nonplussed = critical stop at brainfunction.exe, socialskills.exe, worldview.exe, and sometimes faithinhumanity.exe, and is usually followed by a flat tone of voice and vague backpedaling.

This is not hard. Nor is it hard to learn. It even makes a kind of coherent mini-sense unto itself without any additional info.

So I have NO FREAKING IDEA where the "modern North American" notion that

nonplussed = unperturbed

has come from. Unless it's from people's tendency to go somewhat deadpan in moments of total brain-borking shock.


And for the last motherfucking time, "ambivalent" DOES NOT MEAN "apathetic", "ambivalent" is pretty much the anti-apathetic, thank you.


Also, #0E97B9 is the most gorgeous color in that half of the spectrum I've ever laid eyes on.
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I was going through my filebox and located this. I don't know what its value is, but it's mildly entertaining. The form-letter quality and three-ring holes in it lead me to believe it came from composition class a few years ago.

Verbatim, albeit slightly LJ-fied, therefore espousal of a viewpoint herein does not necessarily reflect my own views. I didn't write it, I'm merely reproducing it, and, in some cases, mocking it. XD

On Analyzing Literature: )

Ladies and Gentlemen, the theory of good writing.

I have my own ideas about what I guess they'd call mise en scene, or something equally French and pretentious.

My ideas, let me show you them. Later. Unless I forget. XD
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Inspired by Laylah, who lives over at InsaneJournal now. I'd been thinking of ranting about this before, but her post somehow gave me the shove to do so.

It's not asskissing if it happens to be the truth. *Shrug.*

As a writer: I'm one of those undisciplined, feral layabouts that writes by the seat of her pants. Or the skin of her teeth, if you're into that kind of thing.

This is long; feel free to hop around by convenient lj-cuts and/or not finish.

This is arrogant. I am arrogant. Dun liek dun read. Come on, pretty. Don't act like you don't want some of this.

On Publication: )

God, I've been waiting all year to let that out. Anyway.

On Hearing Characters )

Insanely Self-Involved: Fanfiction as Physical Development )


On EFFORT, or: How I Write Nonfiction/Research/Op-Ed )

On EFFORT, or: How I Write Fiction )

I was originally trying to get to "Outlining: Why I Don't Use It", but I have a hand cramp. XD

LOL ENTRY LENGTH = about 3,100 words. See? Told you.

Yes, Virginia, there are typos. I'm not fixing them. My hands hurt. *Whine whine snarl lick paws.*
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My personal favorites. I got this one from an article in MSN Slate several months ago; I don't recall who wrote it, but she was female, so if there's a gender sorter or something you might have some luck.

Concerning the use of "ie." versus "eg.", eg., when making a list:

First off, eg. is easiest to use. It just means "for example". Actually it means something else in Latin, but when you see it, just think "for example", because THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS.

Secondly, ie. is also Latin for something. BUT. It does NOT mean "for example". Just think of it as standing for "in essence", and you will be correct about 90% of the time.

Or you could try Googling it and picking apart the Latin yourself, if you wanna be all hardcore like that. Personally, I like this trick as it stands; it's so easy to remember! ^_^

This one came from my fourth grade English teacher. I LOVE YOU MISS ROBERTS!!1 <3 *Ahem.*

Concerning: "Bob and I" versus "Sally went with George and me".


In speaking, I, uh, can't. XD BUT. In writing! There is one really simple way to do this.

Just be selfish. Pretend the sentence is only about you.

Think about it; you don't usually say "Me went to the store." Unless you're a total sped. So, "Bob and I went to the store."

See? This idea by itself fixes most of that problem, and it's not hard to do at all.

Better written English needn't be snobbish and painful.
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I have always enjoyed this game. I'm making as many words as I can out of other words!

There are only three rules. )

The words I picked today, in whimlike fashion, were

pretty rhombus.

So far, I've made these words: (53) )

That was all I came up with initially. Amusing way to spend the drive home.

Can you help me find more words? ^_^


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