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Fanfiction. Mine. Master list. Sorted by fandom. Updated on a when-I-feel-like-it basis.

I've switched from reposting at ff.net to reposting everything I ever had at ff.net here, because dear god, the formatting.

Cut 'cause it's sorta long. )
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Anybody know how to get rid of all the spam comments? LJ refuses to let me delete or block them in any practical way.

It's one of the reasons I've somewhat given up on longhand blogging.

That, and I keep forgetting to force myself to do it every day.
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Tumblr. It's a minimal, visuals-based, upload and reblog-operated journal.

I am there.

I am sparklebiscuit.

It still isn't to my taste, not really. For one thing, I can't figure out how to reply to other users in the threaded fashion I see going around and therefore know is possible. But the dashboard can be mesmerizing.

And it sometimes even gets updated.

I am face deep in this universe, six volumes and over two thousand pages in, and I have no desire to stop.

Fair warning: the third volume is nearly unreadable.

Then again, it's in a radically different style from the others, which might be good, for some. I can't stand it. I wonder if it was ghostwritten.

I would say you could skip it entirely and just go from Invader straight to Precursor, which is far and away my favorite.

Do you know what I want? I want CJ Cherryh and Julie E. Czerneda to team up. It would be kind of unstoppable.
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I don't even know what to label this.

So I freaked out at the gym over a fire alarm and was just getting over that when Stepdad got some good news from a maybe-employer?

Like. My blood pressure doesn't even know what to do right now. My heart feels like it's beating sideways. If that makes sense.

I'm pretty sure drinking a Mountain Dew right now? Would calm me down.

tl;dr what am feelings?
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This is our obligatory don't bury me I'm not dead entry.

I am. Mostly on Plurk these days; toss me an email if you want my Plurk handle thing, but you'll be sitting through a lot of [tron] and [rp] and [irl] navelgazing.

I mostly use LJ entirely for roleplaying now; that's also where almost all of my writing urge and skill goes these days, except for papers. I'm writing a lot of papers. So many that I've discovered that I can bang out about three pages of academic drivel, with no errors and mostly-correct citations, in a little less than two hours, while in a blind panic about submitting it on time.

I'm. Officially embarrassed about nine-tenths of the things I have up on ff.net, but nothing on my even trashier alternate account is any better.

The Tron fandom has taken over my mild obsessional tendencies, because it's got the same draw as everything I love about Star Trek, plus Jeff Bridges.

Or, well, Jeff Bridges' voice and I kind of want to sit in his lap while he reads the phone book, I'm so not kidding.

Everything that man says. Everything. All the things. UNF.

Tron fandom may actually be the source of my first ever Nano project; if I get started NOW, I might even be able to finish it by 11/30/11.

I didn't get picked for a bunch of jobs, but I was selected for this amazing independent study that's going to look delicious on my resume`.

Cool. Now, to someday get paid for it all. Maybe this will be the next step.

I think I fucked up my technical writing program application. Again. Whatever, I'll worry about it on Monday.

I'm so sick of the spam comments that I just leave them where they are. It's not worth the effort of screening them.
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BIG BIG THANKS [livejournal.com profile] weskerismybitch and [livejournal.com profile] nyohah for the thoughtful gifts: prettyful layout + extra userpics x Tron music or figures (I can't deciiide) = AW HELL YEAAAH.

It is 2011 and we don't have orbital shuttles to the moon colony yet.
Because we don't have a moon colony yet.
We don't even have a space program anymore. (Fuck you, Mr. President. Respectfully. With a strap-on as thick as a baby's arm.)

I am 28 and have been for two days now. I made this badass icon to celebrate. Feel the 80's bb.

I found the building's acoustic sweet spot; I can finally leave the radio on and hear it throughout the house!

I have a car! I'm making payments on it, and I'm learning to drive it. My personal goal is to have my real grownup license by Spring Break 11. She's an '01 and she smells like vomit where the party girl who used to own her urked in the back and let it soak in instead of cleaning it like a decent human being, and NO AMOUNT OF PINE SOL has been able to kill the smell. Seriously, I've tried it twice now. But the CD changer and the air conditioner both work. AT THE SAME TIME, so the majority of my serious needs are met.

I got a 100% on my major paper of the past term. From my scary Japanese sensei. According to her rubrik, not only is that a literal perfect score, but "meets standards for publication after suitable revisions."

I can't be space uke anymore, because I'm being computer controller instead.

I want to update this more frequently and stay in touch better, but really the most I can promise is that I'll try very hard. Basically, as soon as I graduate from this program in December--meaning work on my thesis starts in nine days and remember how invisible I was last time? Yeaah.--but anyway as soon as I'm done with this one, I start my Technical Writing Masters.

So, basically, if I don't freak out and leap off a building from the stress, I'll have two Masters degrees just in time for the end of the world.

Hopefully I'll also be a real live Worker Bee with an Actual Job by then.

I'm not really sure about the whole meeting guys thing; I have a feeling like I'm going to be moving within the next two years, probably toward the West. That'll put me closer to all my United States friends, so I'm not worried at all. I just wish I knew when and how it was happening, but I'll just trust that it will.

Meantime: Spring Break at Universal Citywalk erry night in MAAARRCH; 80's Night DECENT MUSIC ERRY THURSDAY Y'ALL. That's my backup plan if my stepcousin who doesn't actually like me doesn't want to go on a road trip: get hammered and dance with all the other nearly-thirtysomethings.

I have fantasies of making myself a Clu-style jacket out of Goodwill finds and reflective tape, but I can't actually sew.

Also: I really love Starbucks. Sometimes that prefab, commercialized bullshit cafe` is the prettiest, nicest, best-smelling part of my day.

I think we're done here.

How's life treating ya, babycakes? ♥
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2 Slices cinnamon raisin toast, hot, buttered
3 Strips honey glazed bacon, crispy *crunch crunch crunch* :D
1 Egg, over easy
1/2c. Corned beef hash.

Layer: from the bottom up,


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In lieu of posting some more about

1) How tired I am all the time
2) Maybe writing some slash later

HAVE A MEME INSTEAD. From [livejournal.com profile] taraljc:

Out of utter curiosity, if I was chained up in your attic, and I had to write you one story, what would you request? Or alternatively, what's something you always hoped I'd write but know is never going to happen?

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Okay, I really should be working, but this is the most awesome thing EVER in the history of EVER for so very many reasons.

Yes, it's crossposted, shh.

Tagged because it involves all that social media stuff the kids are into these days.
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And we drank to stars and heroes,
buried deep beneath the sand.

OH. Pact With God. AT LAST.

For months I have had this withdrawal, I cannot even express.

Everything is a joke on itself.
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This is written for something I don't watch, but you know what?


All fandoms everywhere, are you listening?

Because this works for other minorities too!

...You don't get to call me differently abled unless I get to call you sugartits. ♥
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Oh joy!


It reminds me of those long, awkward afternoons in theology class, where I either

A) Skipped to Revelation and savored the blood blood burnydeath action movie sequences
B) Quietly read my pocket dictionary instead.

Yeah, other nerds had comic books inside theirs. Pretty sure I was doin' it wrong. <3

I really do this shit in my spare time! Well, I used to.

I read things like The Little Brown Book of Corporate Advancement and Shakespeare's Insults: Educating Your Wit

not because I am a pretentious douchewaffle (though I will proudly admit being an arrogant windbag <3 IT'S MINE I OWN IT, WHATCHU DO NOW BITCHEZ :D)

but because I enjoy the pretty noises English makes when you contort it into all kinds of fun shapes!

I just. Love words. They're kind of my favorite thing.

And one of the things I love most about the Internet is being able to repeat all these catchphrases that have no context. I love this language. It's so weird and adorable and I don't even, can't sentence properly.

The best part is? We'll leave all this stuff behind, screaming THIS and FIRST and IAWTP, and our children and grandchildren will be largely unable to decipher any of it.

Ain't that the bee's knees.

Or possibly a humdinger. It's definitely one of those.
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I'm still running on California time.

At least I'm only physically tired. I hadn't realized how...utterly low. I was feeling. All. The. Time. Before. Emotionally.

And with my William Shatner impression out of the way, this: I have to get my list of data together for that paper I'm going to finish by flying through it in four days when I've had the whole term to do it? At least I've actually done the reading for a change, and have something to show my professor this afternoon if I hustle; I'll send it at five, like a real workday champ.

It's Not Your Fault: Disconfirming Identity Communication as Social Support for Survivors of Suicide, I think. Which is a lengthy title, but absolutely clear. Length is only Wrong if it confuses or obfuscates.

What is this catharsis of which you speak.

If I had been paying as much attention to my classes as I did to the freaking roleplay, last year, I wouldn't be out on this limb trilling this message. However, it is significantly repairing a key faculty interaction.

You can't say relationship, everyone assumes The Graduate when you say the r-word, nevermind that she's a married mother of three hyperactive young boys and hasn't hardly time to find socks that match, let alone think of doing anything improper.

No, you're a twenty-something female coed, so YOU MUST BE VULNERABLE TO SEDUCTION AND/OR A DIRTY SLUT.

We've come so far. Woo feminism. Way to not assume anything. Nice.

I was so sure this entry had a point. I'm gonna go write in my sketchbook and then hit the books IRL.

Oh, excitement.
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For the next seven days, I will be in California.

Among my objectives are meetups, the Zoo of the Province of San Diego, an aquarium or two, The Shawshank Redemption, and Disneyland. Because they have something that until a few weeks ago I could not have here, and to see The Captain is always, always, always better with a friend.

We are here to change the world. If you do nothing else with your life, live by that.

Not every butterfly pulls a hurricane from over China. No one said it had to be major. Big, sweeping changes are principally a matter of timing combined with one's life training suddenly becoming more important. Standing in a deluge with your tongue stuck out, hoping for that one special drop of rain.

Put your tongue back in your mouth. Use it to laugh. Spin until you're dizzy; drown standing up. Know that you're alive.

Then grab a bucket and help the neighbors.

I'm flying, Jack!

Leave a message at the tone.

At the sound of the tone, the time will be...

I should probably actually pack. That might help a lot.
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I always wonder who had this number before me, because I don't have a texting plan and I don't text, and my phone is so old that they charge me a quarter per message.

But I get texts anyway. And not all of them are "Please pay your bill!" or "Thank you for paying your bill."

I just got one a few minutes ago, as follows: "Happy Birthday Ash!! Hope you got the winning lotto ticket."

So. Perhaps the intended recipient, whoever they are, will see the message through the power of Google and know that I Have No Idea Who wishes them a pleasant birthday.


Whoever you are. ♥
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Worksafe Encyclopedia Dramatica.


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I just wrote my first poem in months!

And my first true, personal, persona non obligata poem in well over a year and a half.

To celebrate, an observation:

many words are fabulous, entirely independent of their meaning.

One of my personal favorites is explicit.

It is nothing less than the sound of surgical scissors whispering closed
over an opened vein.


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