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Fanfiction. Mine. Master list. Sorted by fandom. Updated on a when-I-feel-like-it basis.

I've switched from reposting at ff.net to reposting everything I ever had at ff.net here, because dear god, the formatting.

Cut 'cause it's sorta long. )
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HBP is probably my favorite of the books.

It's nonspoilery, which is why it's so brief!

The movie finally gave me Spinner's End in correct fashion. (Always thought in-text Narcissa there was being overplayed for JKR's own satisfaction/for the lulz.)

Tom Felton is growing up ugly, but he did what there was for him to do, and he did it to the hilt.

Is it me or has Alan Rickman put on about eighty pounds?

I waited through the whole film eagerly for the big-bandish track the preview loop promised me and could not discern it; I assume it's in the party scene somewhere.

Luna was perfect from start to stop and will probably only get more awesome with repeat viewings.
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The ability to read my mind?
And I didn't get that, either!

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] starsandtildes.

O, sing this once again, lustily. )
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Harry Potter.

Abortive, aborted, distorted; one version of a request ages ago. Will never be finished in this form. Here instead of elsewhere because my login is stuffed up.

I'll win some ground but lose you; all these miles of water. )
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I was not the only adult in the store crying when midnight finally struck.

A few girls in the restroom were complaining about our local psychonaut. He affects a British accent and has been creepily interested in me since I was fifteen. But he's like that with all the female customers of a certain shape, "Can I be of any help out of your blouse drool drool?"

He's harmless, really, but they seemed reassured by my telling them so.

That's all I have to say about it, more or less, until the paperback's release.

To my chagrin, I'm realizing I haven't enough prompts left to cover the entire situation; I suppose that leaves the audience room to draw conclusions, or leap to them as it please their leisure.

Thirty-seven to forty-five. )

I'm sore.

GOD, man! I'm trying to SAVE him!

I do not want to mow the lawn. >_
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I've been preparing these over the last month. Does honesty make them less cool? Oh, well.

Twenty-two through thirty-six. )
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She got it all down tight
She got nothin' wrong
She got the whole, wide world
Singin' baby's song

Sixteen through twenty-one. )
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Beats the shit outta Disney World.

With a large and suspiciously wand-like pointy stick.

Yes, I know, you knew about this already. Five or six days ago, I'm sure.


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