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"Why the hell did you by a Perry Como CD?"

Because this grinning bastard decided he likes it. A lot. Like, 'repeats at deafening volume' a lot. Ugress --> Smash Mouth --> Ghost --> Perry Como, what IS THIS, PICK A FUCKING GENRE.

"Uh...I've been meaning to find more Fallout music."


Right? Right?

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We're gonna feel, feel, feel; like before. )
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Twenty-five years ago
They spoke out and they broke out
Of recession and oppression and together they toked
And they folked out with guitars around a bonfire
Just singin' and clappin' man what the hell happened
Then some were spellbound
Some were hellbound, some they fell down
And some got back up and fought against the meltdown

Shut up, Ayel. <3
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Let me tell you about a kid I know, we met awhile ago. )

Deepest apologies to Melora Creager.

ohgod it has other stanzas. help.
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Sometime while I was hibernating, Sonya randomly became a General.

(Ed really likes to do this. A lot. Witness the million Outworld generals and their total inability to get anything done. Which is a remark that must touch a nerve; Baraka is apoplectic. XD)

Meanwhile in canon, no sign that Jax, who originally outranked her by a fair bit, was ever promoted even once.

Nice, Ed. Real nice. Way to not even Google stuff. Because that would've taken four whole minutes if you paused to read the text that goes with the pretty charts.

Saddest part is, this seems to have happened about two games ago (I can't locate the precise point in canon, but it's around the time the whole deeply boring Kenshi thing takes place) and it was so quietly done that one of her more vocal supporters on the board appears not to know it has taken place.

I mean. I'm not the world's hugest Sonya fan, but if I was, I'd think her rank would matter to me; it outlines the expectations of her job, what she knows/is capable of, and the kind of shit she has to put up with, and also, definitively, why she does not have the time to go anywhere with Johnny Cage, let alone to the Bahamas to hop the broom.

I mean.


Wow, okay, by comparison, the idea that Leena's MKD ending might be canon isn't looking so bad.
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*"Do you slags think?" (Saint Mileena the halfbreed assassin pure and shining paragon of most holy moral goodness exclaimed indignantly.) "Or do you just live to have sex?"

Lara pursed her face in a parody of a courtesan's pout. "Well, I think about sex all the time. Why, precious? You hard up for a date?"

Kara chuckled. "We'd treat you real good."

*Token after-the-fact hasty apologies to twistedwriter101, kinda sorta, except really I wasn't copying her honest, maybe we could chat and be friends.
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"Really." She frowned and let the pile ease between her fingers to the table, a little crooked. "They all look the same to you, hey?"

"Bunch of inky fish-hooks," he said, rigid, face dark as his hair. "F'eshkenche. Jus' 'cause I'm the only whetstone you'n grab at doesn' make you sharper 'n' me."

The papers twitched under her hand. "I could help you!"

He leaned forward on his hips, squared his arms, teeth bared. "No, you can't."

"But--" her teeth prodded her lower lip, blood pearling under them. "Y'were doin' so well, before. Maybe if we--"

He cut her off. "I remember what I hear. Telsor was readin' it a few hours ago."

"So they're the same? The fish-hooks?" He nodded; she grabbed at that. "You can see them."

"Oh, ei, prettiness, certain sure." He snorted. "Even dogs know the diff'rence between steak and shit." It was a low growl. "I'm not blind."

"I didn'--"

His lips were white with pressure against his smile. "Didn' come to see them, hey? Came to see you." The expression never touched his eyes. He was focused on the shelf just over her shoulder, on the files there, with pure hate.

Her guts turned over; she swallowed and took a breath.

"Ei." Her answering smile stayed in place. "An' it's a good time y've arrived at, too. I was fair to going mad."

"I can imagine," he said, with a last poisonous glance at the papers. He made himself laugh; it was ugly, but it broke the tension well enough. He could move again. He could breathe again. Papers stayed where you put them.

"I haven't..." She paused. "I hear there's'n' ale-pit in this shithole town that'll actually serve mutants. All the way to last call an' everything."

Koteth grinned and extended his arm with a short bow. "I love civilization."
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Brin was awake for the first time in a hundred years or so this morning.

"Women hold up half the sky?" She folded her arms, up, down, up, down, pacing. "Ei, the messy half. The half with the childbirth and the cooking under it. Hah!"
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Love, littleing, you know, of course, you do, you must, you realize this is totally self-involved, it's a monument to your self-involvement and those giant glowering glowing electric be-tentacled is that even a word, I'm positive it's not and look at their fangs, how they gleam, *hard fast inhale*--power issues I could never ever possibly fix for you or even hope to touch and no one's going to care at all except for you, you're going to sit there and watch the italics fill up the screen and think damn it, I'm good at this shit and everyone else will be rolling their eyes and holding their breath at the same time, straining to see if you've actually acquired the guts to pull a trigger on your latest.

Or, in two words.

She's back.
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I wanted to perform a hypothesis formation and check, because that would be a cool stunt for my LiveJournal, but I'm too excited. XD

Google knows what "diachronic" and "apotropaic" mean.

The Oxford College Dictionary, Second American Edition, 2002, DOES NOT.


diachronic: referring to phenomena as they change over time.

apotropaic: in essence, warding off evil.


Which of these words will Jheti get more mileage out of? Anyone? Best guess? XD

I had three more words I wanted the meaning of, but I do not recall...

Patristic, antinimous (which Google's ":define" command and Dictionary.com both do not recognize as a word, but which occurs on the Web itself in philosophical and similar documents), and...oh, there was one more...Feh.

I found them in this ungodly long-winded book about masks and culture.

Mileena wanted it. Sat up for the chapter about the Gorgon, but mostly ignored the book otherwise. She whined sorely about the density of the languaging.

I went in circles with it, trying to find the ends of sentences; he never stopped "talking"--his narration was exceedingly poor. No rhythm, no sense, and deeply abstruse word choice.

My collection of words is...not small. I think I went four pages before hitting three words I didn't recall ever even seeing before.

(Note also that "antinimous" and "antonymous" are not the same word, and do not appear to be RELATED words, either, and there goes my best inference as to the meaning of the mystery word.)

Kimbley has nothing to say to me, but he tends to pet the Chemical Abstracts as we go past them once or twice a day. I looked in them and it was Greek to me, as they say, but they make him grin, and don't we look smart with heavy black vinyl-sided tomes in our grip.


Mmmm, I'm going to go get my battered 1980's dictionary and compare it against the new volume, and see if it tells me what these words mean.

If it can, I will return to gloat unbearably. *Halo.*

As a postscript, the standard dump: dreams and the RL saga that precludes them. )

THE RL SAGA: For whatever reason, my alarm clock did not go off. There goes my morning class; I have no way to get to it. I'm thus in no great hurry to catch the next bus out.
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Koteth is Samwise if Samwise was the town whore.

The boozy, backstabbing, usually non compos mentis gender-conflicted horndog ARSONIST town whore.

With swords. Yeah.
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"Now then," he said calmly. "Let's be certain clear. You fail me in this, an' it's up you go, swingin' by what you hold nearest an' dearest to yer filthy little dark heart. You reading me?"

Well. Koteth bobbed his head and dropped his forearms folded good and low across his chest, the deep respect-sign usually given princes or kings.

The army'd finally coughed out an officer that frightened him.

First time for everything.
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And here, I will pause a moment, to shout at the fourth wall a bit.

Muses are delicate creatures? From whence sprung that particular revelation?

Of all the words. Really. I haven't so many for you in return. I suppose it's nice to be fed dirty pictures art and loud, tasteless music, and it's always fun when you hand me the envelope and let me push it as far as it will go OVER THE DESK FTW, but. Delicate?

What exactly did I do to deserve such a moniker? Please let me know. I hereby most firmly resolve never to repeat said behavior.

Gimme Snape? I wanna lick his greasy face and listen to him scream like the girl he so clearly is. I promise to be really, really good and roll over for the next six thousand words or so of whatever you like in return. Come on. Just one tiny bite?

Sister beautiful will GET IT and it will be almost!canon and oh.

I really should be going, now.
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Not that it matters, but because I've wasted my entire day on the Internet ANYway...

I have not yet browsed, but am entirely looking forward to, [livejournal.com profile] beexsam. Yes.

I asked them a question, and they fell where they will, and I saw the King of Wands and "What is Koteth doing there?" hopped out of my mouth.

Apparently that's his card.

Lately, She is the Four Cups, reversed.

Baraka believes none of that glorified horseshit and Will Not Have It (TM).

I've been listening to Love Come Home for the last six hours and have no desire to stop.

That will be all. Ooh, shocking!
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Three years ago, I typed at 62 wpm, vaulting to 90 if I pushed.

I currently barely manage 45wpm. Hurting myself gets me 50, sometimes, when I'm lucky.

(See, the title is literal; go elsewhere for any sort of depth. *Facedesk.*)

She woke up last week. The first thing she did was mock me. When that got boring, she spit at me. She then proceeded to brag about getting laid. Constantly. The last three days, that's all it's been, smug insufferable wiggle with hoarse laughter.

"I got fucked last night. Shame Lupin's hoarding the nicotine."

Shadows!headmuse ftw.

"Oh." I can shape that word into a whorehouse verb, when it suits me.

Check why Telsor's pissed. It's an essential chunk of their group psychology. It ought to come with footnotes. Darwinian Protestantish meritocracy? Not so much so. Personal interest corrupts. Not all personal interest is a euphemism for sex.

It--it bothers me
Somewhat, that they see it as entertainment
When, realistically, it's something that could happen
To any one of them, here
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If you stand in the middle, you can keep your balance... )

Cough worse. Lungs hurt. On the other hand, my skull has finally stopped leaking.

Spinning on the Wheel, the souls of ONE evolving...
[...]I'm the master of my wheel, of my very own wheel, universal and recurrent

Class in about thirty. *Sigh.*

MEGACON '05 tomorrow. ^____^



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