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Why exactly is everyone in the fandom but me so excited about Keith R. DeCandido?

He could kill Vulcans with his brain. (With his sentence structure alone. See: How the Borg Spent Their Summer Vacation as Exhibit A.)

Guy makes Kevin J. Anderson look like Proust. For fucksake. Or maybe Melville.

Okay, okay, done proving I can read actual books. Still, aaaaughafkljshljks D:

Do not want.
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So, uh.

This movie. Does anyone know if it contains the Terrible Thing?

It. It should really be self-evident why I need to know this and why I NEED TO WATCH THIS FILM NOW LIKE RIGHT NOW.

Homework, what is that? What GPA? Who needs to eat when I could be watching this movie?

ETA: Oh, god; Keith David's in it, too. My fate? Sealed.
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The fact that I have enough finished material to even create a draft professional documentation portfolio? (I need to hear back from my most important client, but that's my fault for a message-delivery error.)

And that professionals, career professionals, will look at the finished product?

Terrified is an insufficient word.

Ohai, ulcer, nice to hear from you.

ASDF (Etc.)

Jan. 7th, 2010 12:01 pm
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Well. Merry Christmas to you, too.

ajsdkfhjlkhs; AWESOME.

A good deal of backstory mangling must be had in order to shoehorn CANON REMAN WOES and Actual Hearthworlds Storytelling into the same space; so.
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Rawson Thurber (scriptwriter, Dodgeball) JUST FINISHED the first full draft OF THE ELFQUEST MOVIE like, five days ago.

The editor in chief and co-writer of the book says so.

May actually not be vaporware.

Oh. My. God. <3

(Totally need a better copy of that picture. Possibly a .gif. SOONISH. Ahahahaha.)

Now to sleep for two hours and then finish out the report/final exam for drop-off tomorrow. The last of my finals is TOMORROW night wtf self overeager much.

(Please, let them be kind and smile on me though I mocked the same gods while their backs were turned; is this not the prayer of every student? So.)

eta to fix detour through microscopic black hole.
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I don't feel really myself, wasn't sure of anything until I put Splashdown on loud enough to hurt.

Then I felt better, and now I'm going to go do my report some more. It's due Wednesday and not even half done. Maybe a third done.

I really don't want to spend all of Tuesday on it. But I will if I have to.

God/gods/Elements/imaginary friends here.

I need a vacation.

Soon, soon, soon.

I'm going to look so gross. I don't care.

Black swimsuit? It bows outward at two ends, unable to hold either of them.

I'm rather prouder of the top, but that's neither here nor there.

Hahahaha big fat alto in a big fat black bathing suit!


I'm Ursula. *Grin.*


Soon, bbs.


I am seriously stupid happy.

Ayel knows things should be different. He doesn't regret a single day.

igrab is my Victar. I am so not kidding. ♥

Apparently I'm someone else's, too, which is scary considering it was for brainbasement whump.

Or sadism, in the plain English.

(Anything for a reaction, children. And apparently I have a lot of leftover anger about this very thing, why can't you be dead like him her; die, die my darling.)

Oh, Obvious!fandom, you entrance and terrify me. ♥
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I don't care how warm and fluffy and adorable she is, you cannot name your newest creature Eibhul.

Tribble. In the fake language that's eating my neurons.

I don't even have to spellcheck things like "Understood, sir" anymore ohgod help.

She is like a Tribble with a face. That whines and licks instead of purring.

hlkjfdssdaajdfnkas ♥

However Roxanne does not like her. I will have to watch them very closely these next few days, as Untitled Fluffpile Who Cannot Have A Rihan Name is only a puppy yet, and too easily squished by an eleven-pound bully like the Roxy Miss.

Roxy Miss is jealous. This will take time.

I have twenty pages of paper; two papers and a massive graphic design project, to DO. This weekend.


ALSO. How much ass does Windows 7 kick? Seriously. My computer loads from cold in half the time and my tablet actually works now.
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Okay, now that we've got that out of the way.

Yessssssssssssss do go see it, do. The ending is for the lulz but mmm, the journey there.

*Bellows off-key alongside* BUT I'VE GOT YOU! UNDER MY SKIN.

What stress? To what are you referring.

I'm good, me. <3
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In The Pale Moonlight.


Nero is right. I mean, he doesn't know it, and wouldn't care if he did know it, because He So Craaazee, but. Still. In canon, even in shitty!Bermaga canon.

He doesn't know, because he can't know, but Spock knows, he must know, in order to know what else he knows, so unless he's dead by then (I have not checked my strictest canon) then he is actually lying about stuff--maybe not "Oh hey, us Vulcans are gonna slay you now kthxbye" but he is keeping quite a few other Fed cards tucked up in that bland grey vest.

...It will be war, Praetor. War is always glorious.

I. I don't. What is this I can't even.

It's possible I squeaked.

Thank you, Deep Space Nine. <3

I can't believe I just typed that whut. Lulz.

Yes, it's stupid how happy I am, and no, I don't care. XD
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Short version: I AM A MACRO. AND SO CAN YOU.

...I'll do it in three. )

Long version: Who is your commander? Is it him? )

Good lord. I've actually blistered my thumb on the spacebar. XD
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I am now the proud owner of 24 23 cans of Mountain Dew Throwback. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



I love you, shitty neighborhood in the boondocks. Even if you are a godforsaken hellpit of boundless, lightless suck in its natural pure suck form. <3

And there is also this. I may have actually laughed with delight IRL for the first time in about a year.

I can't find the screencaps post, but I have them all, so, HAY WHO WANTS KARL URBAN MAKING FACES AT CHRIS PINE? ^_~

And attractively stage-bloody Chris Pine. And Bruce Greenwood being all srs face.

Mygod this movie. Most worthy hot sausage buffet film with male leads I have seen in years.

Oh my god Ayel's outfit I did not think I could love him moar and fgghhgff, that stupid collar of that stupid jacket that is apparently not all there. UNF.


And *college crap* I can't quite remember, on account of being so caffeinated my eyelids were twitching just so I could fake paying attention in lecture, and jesus the fucking dogs woke me up at fucking midnight, but who cares because STEPDAD ARRIVED bearing BOXES OF THROWBACK and I hurt all over and four hours is exactly the same amount of sleep I got yesterday.
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Holyshit poetry D:

Nero/Ayel, in the manner of freshman lit class. )

Pardon any misquotes, will you? It's been a decade since I gave a damn and five years since I read any fancy books other than Twain or London, and those not recently, and they're not European enough, you know.

Frost doesn't count, he's not European EITHER, and I can only take him in small doses, neat, with bourbon, yes I'm serious.

Migraines do odd, odd things to my thought processes. ^_^
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This is entirely sufficient excuse to use this icon.

Yes, it is.

Hahaha, the ad in the sidebar just happens to say, "We do more than shipping."

Oh, yes we do.

I wish the community were less fragmented. And that some of the here-first fen were less wary of the demented biker Romulans. Because they're so much fun! And once you know how they got that way, they're just lovely.

Nero has made them a hard and horrible world to do their growing up in, and I can't wait to see how they'll handle it, even though I know the next movie will be the Klingons, because everyone likes them best.

It's my pet theory that the Romulans need chainsaws.

Oh, hush.

There weren't any fiddles in first century Rome. And if there's any such instrument on ch'Rihan it's probably some version of a lyre and not played with a bow.

I mean. Really.
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The ability to read my mind?
And I didn't get that, either!

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] starsandtildes.

O, sing this once again, lustily. )
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I was trying to type something intelligent but it all comes out


Nero!fic planning blither. )

I also kind of want a Nero icon that says "DIAF your whole PLANET" but I suspect this is not the way to win friends and influence people within the fandom. XD
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What should I be doing?

Reading "Understanding Social Science Research Methods" and thinking over preparations for abstracting "Elaboration Likelihood Model Factors That Affect Motivation And/Or Ability To Process The Message: Distraction, Repetition, And Rhetorical Questions", in order to produce a six-page critique that's due in about two weeks, WITH accompanying presentation.

What am I doing?

I'm researching Romulan involvement in the Dominion War. And trying to figure out why 40 Eridani is in the Beta Quadrant on some maps and the Alpha in others. (Either the Romulans and the Vulcans are in proximity kinda, or they are not. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, PARAMOUNT. XD)

So. "Research Methods And The Impact Of ELM Interference Factors On Message Transmission: Romulan Involvement in the Dominion War".

Yeah! That'll be a sexy paper. <3

But Jheti, wait! What if he's a Star Wars fan?

Simple: I'm screwed.

I have 50 episodes to watch, in four series, assuming I can even track them all down. The three important ones, I'm positive, and probably the two-parter; the rest are definitely a crapshoot, though I've seen some TAS clips floating around on Youtube. I may be stuck recording *shudder* SpikeTV.
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I realized that if I'm going to actually WRITE and FINISH my master plan, instead of letting it become Shadows 2.0, I have to have a reasonable idea of the Romulan history relative to the rest of the Star Trek universe.

Being a TOS Trekker, and primarily a books!only Trekker within the TOS, a lot of this makes me go "huh?", but whatever; TNG/DS9 Romulus is Nero's home environment, so, off to the Youtubes.

Trek XI relevant dates, where available, are underlined and red.

Thus far. Plenty of this goes right over my head, too, but doesn't it make a pretty wooshing noise as it flies by? Mostly thanks to Memory Alpha. )

Incidentals and Et Cetera )
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Oh look, more Trek XI Nero chatter brain-nibbles. Be excited! I am.

My top rollbar add has not STOPPED being that free Roman empire game. I cannot imagine why. XD

So I'm perilously close to fic. Because. Because he acts like this in my head. )

Of course the actual fic will be lyrical and seriocomically heavy-handed dark, because that's all I can ever write.

I still have not figured out exactly how a naked Ayel arrived in his quarters in order to investigate the screaming, BUT HAPPENED TO ARRIVE WITH TEA, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT HE DOES IN MY HEAD, but I'm getting there. *Halo.*

Ayel/Nero srysly. Srysly A LOT.


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