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Okay, I really should be working, but this is the most awesome thing EVER in the history of EVER for so very many reasons.

Yes, it's crossposted, shh.

Tagged because it involves all that social media stuff the kids are into these days.
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My Internet was brokedick this morning. Which was--frustrating. I've got three new voices to work on. Two, really, but my Romulan has been in need of an overhaul for so, so long.

It starts as an explanation of method and goes batshit fangirl from there. There's your warning. )

But yeah, no, I'm telling you all this, essentially, to tell you that Philip Seymour Hoffman's gay movie boyfriend?

Hi, Christopher.
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Worksafe Encyclopedia Dramatica.


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I thought we agreed that women and gambling didn't mix.

It does belatedly occur to me, in a vague kind of way, that some of the three hours I spent making sure there actually were terrazzo floors in Fictional 1928-1946 could be used to produce that FMA Speakeasy AU I was always jawing about two years back or so.

And oh my god that car. I want one.

Please explain to my head that these will cost upward of a one to three years' salary each a-and are Not For Driving anyway, so I can't have them.

See, I'm not so thrilled about our current motors because they don't look like this.

I mean, I love everything about the Prius, top to toes, but she isn' no Dusey.

Ahaha, I go to edit my tags and the Internet asks me and all the other ambivalent shut-ins if I would like a girlfriend for the amusement of the rest of the Webs.
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I love estate sales.

Formwork For Concrete, Fourth Ed. Hurd, M.K., Ed.
Welding: Fundamentals And Procedures Gaylen, J., Sear, G. & Tuttle, C.A.
Introduction To Industrial Drafting Pawelek, J. J. & Otto, W.E.
Principles And Practices Of Heavy Construction, Second Ed. Smith, R.C., Ed.

I totally didn't buy these for roleplay purposes. Honest.

The guy at the door laughed and asked if I was changing my career plans. BONUS.
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At last I will have something lovely to stare at for eight to twelve hours a day.

I was thinking of hanging it over my bed, but that might send the wrong message.


Artist signed it!

Nichelle Nichols is the world's sweetest person! EVER. And so tiny and fierce! I wanted to take her home in my pocket.

Chronologically impossible to get my picture taken with Grell while properly trussed, but that's neither here nor there.

It's not every day a girl gets laced in by an exotic dancer. She wanted to train me. Or my ribcage. I'm still not sure which. It is difficult to flirt while being chaperoned.

Mmm, my back feels so much better. Even if my pectorals are unhappy.

Tip: never wear a minimizer under a corset. Your chest will be confused (up or down what the hell do you want from meeee) and ANGRY with you by day's end.

I got my photo taken with Mr. Billy Dee Williams; I look like a dorrrk but who cares. It's the principle of the thing. Twenty years. Twenty years I have waited. MINE. ♥ ♥

Also? The mom has decided to turn her not inconsiderable skills to steampunk.

I would be lying if I did not say I flapped about like a strange creature at the prospect of getting to look like this but moreso.

I STILL HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO AAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAH but at least nothing's due tomorrow. *Die.*
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Mystic crystal revelations, and the mind's true liberation! )

Partial listening example for those whose piracy-fu is weak.

It was designed to be uplifting and fun, so I don't yank the steering wheel out of the bus driver's hand and kill us all kill feel good and get along with everyone! ^_^


Harmony and understanding! Sympathy and trust abounding
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Some people got more than sleet, I guess.

And here I was ALL EXCITED about the ice on my windshield. Because it was in tiny flakes rather than frost fans.
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I can math on paper The Hard Way faster than you can in your head, jackhole.


I assure you, I do not.

To begin: force the end digits (rightmost) to equal zero.

Only the forward digits change, because you insist on left-right reading order.

There are only two laws in this most exalted shell game:

Two four six eight zero.

One three five seven nine one.

These never change. With them you can estimate absolutely anything, and arrive at a better answer faster than the definitive.

Speed always matters more than accuracy.

If you can murmur the incantation

Two three five seven eleven thirteen fifteen seventeen nineteen twenty-three twenty-nine, you are already beyond what you NEED for "life", per se.

And then there is the law of twos: twenty-two halves, and twenty-four halves, but twenty-nine (recall our previous enchantment!) does not.

Any number with a terminal digit of zero can be split at least in half.

Yes, presumably more, but when the whole business of numbers is literally nauseating to one, one starts where one must. Isn't it so.

The rest is buttons on a machine, which, again, can be memorized as a series of shapes, to spit out the answer with, if not alacrity, then an average amount of speed, while pressing the wool of Normal tight across all the eyes in the room. Which requires additional effort, understand.

Similarly, Newtonian physics are entirely sufficient to explain the world in which most of us live. The science of patterns is pretty, but not sufficiently absorbing to hold my attention when there's delicious history to examine.

I am by nature a cataloger of things, but only of interesting things.

For example: celerestory, lightwell, apse.

Basic, mafic, ultramafic. I'm still not clear on extrusive versus intrusive. The majority of very interesting pretty facets are silicate and acidic in origin. (They are such things as countertops are made on.)

...Don't touch your Google in public!

Unless it's to type in Cueva de los Cristales and DEMAND PICTURES.
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Before I sleep:

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Rawson Thurber (scriptwriter, Dodgeball) JUST FINISHED the first full draft OF THE ELFQUEST MOVIE like, five days ago.

The editor in chief and co-writer of the book says so.

May actually not be vaporware.

Oh. My. God. <3

(Totally need a better copy of that picture. Possibly a .gif. SOONISH. Ahahahaha.)

Now to sleep for two hours and then finish out the report/final exam for drop-off tomorrow. The last of my finals is TOMORROW night wtf self overeager much.

(Please, let them be kind and smile on me though I mocked the same gods while their backs were turned; is this not the prayer of every student? So.)

eta to fix detour through microscopic black hole.
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Splashdown's unreleased demos and remixes disc that they bundled with orders as a thankyou gift to paying customers back before their house folded?


In lossless copy.

You want? Hit me up. <3

If the rings that I ran were lines, just imagine how much farther I could be, yeah

[livejournal.com profile] nyohah likely has it, too, and will as equally likely share, so if you decide I have the Internet cooties or w/e, you can pester her instead.


Now these horns are red and this bull can rest, no more scarlet capes to chase
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Attention, All Hands: Condition SQUEE. )


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Okay, now that we've got that out of the way.

Yessssssssssssss do go see it, do. The ending is for the lulz but mmm, the journey there.

*Bellows off-key alongside* BUT I'VE GOT YOU! UNDER MY SKIN.

What stress? To what are you referring.

I'm good, me. <3
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Can't find your cellphone?

Who you gonna call?

I've only used this twice, but in both cases it's saved me while I was running to get my butt on a bus.

(The second time it had wedged itself down behind the couch. Never would've found it if I couldn't make it ring. BLESS YOU, little website, and all affection to your maker. <3)

Society made him
He's our responsibility

"No, no, you're...confused."

No I'm not, Chris; hush now and take your medicine.
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I like Captain Solo where he is.
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What the fuck.

Seriously WHAT THE FUCK.

What. What. What. What.

My brain.

Seriously? Seriously? D=

What the shit.

Jafar vs. Fantastic Four?

DISNEY OWNS WOLVERINE. Okay, whatever, but but but Sabretooth, aaannd and Storm before Halle got ahold of her, and, god, dude, my infancy just ATE my adolescence I AM FREAKING OUT.

Prepare the red matter. Launch the drill. Fuck their defense grids; black holes are magical.

Right, JJ? Right?

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Oh. District 9.

Thank you, Mr. Jackson; I'm sorry it tanked; I love you for your brain ^_^

Nothing back here but hyperactive brainfilth re: trailers, tl;dr, fuck friendslocking I'm lazy. )

What is my brain it's incredible that's what goddamn.
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In The Pale Moonlight.


Nero is right. I mean, he doesn't know it, and wouldn't care if he did know it, because He So Craaazee, but. Still. In canon, even in shitty!Bermaga canon.

He doesn't know, because he can't know, but Spock knows, he must know, in order to know what else he knows, so unless he's dead by then (I have not checked my strictest canon) then he is actually lying about stuff--maybe not "Oh hey, us Vulcans are gonna slay you now kthxbye" but he is keeping quite a few other Fed cards tucked up in that bland grey vest.

...It will be war, Praetor. War is always glorious.

I. I don't. What is this I can't even.

It's possible I squeaked.

Thank you, Deep Space Nine. <3

I can't believe I just typed that whut. Lulz.

Yes, it's stupid how happy I am, and no, I don't care. XD


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