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Before I sleep:

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this entire blog is probably the most relevant thing to my interests since EVER.

The marketing track are all scary bitches, but they get to study the fun stuff *seething envy*.

It's the most perfect thing. Most perfect blog. <3
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Short version: I AM A MACRO. AND SO CAN YOU.

...I'll do it in three. )

Long version: Who is your commander? Is it him? )

Good lord. I've actually blistered my thumb on the spacebar. XD
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I'm cheating on my boyfriend with my new boyfriend.

I'mma chuck all his shitty CDs out the window later. XD
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They've sold Midway, and it looks like it's going to come apart in little bloody pieces.

Woe. Most dolorous and lachrymose woe.

Love is not a victory march, or: fannish-yet-true hyperbole. )

I have often wished I could do something about its decline, but I've never wanted it to disappear.

And now it looks like that could happen.

ETA: No, really, if it IS a hoax, then Wall Street Journal is in on it.

On which note, I attempt to sleep. Goodnight and good luck.
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There is evidently a khipu database underway at Harvard.

I would just like to say that the new Baraka render?

Yes, and thank you.
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Chricton's gone.

Peace to him.
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This site, with a bit of poking, yields some organized anatomy tables with only a modicum of Latin.

Especially useful inclusion of surface anatomy details! Important for descriptions of what things should look like to outside observers/the audience/characters that barely know which end of the scalpel to hold.

The same characters might not know, for example, NOT to move trauma victims, and might try to, oh, lift someone with a visible head injury, with complete disregard for their neck.

Or that lifting stuff off the body? Can cause...it has a fancy name, but basically if the bloodflow is cut to like, your arm or leg, because it's pinned by something for a length of time, and then blood rushes back into the limb? That can be quite harmful. I just forget the name.

It's the same kind of blood-flow badness that happens when you squeeze a bruise. You really shouldn't. Put some ice in a cloth and very gently press.

Uh, yeah.

In most of my fandoms, the usefulness of something like this is a given.

If I see one more instance of unconscious!soldiers being carried "bridal style" (which is a weird phrase I've seen infecting the Pit recently) from the field without any sort of PRETENSE at an examination to check if they're even breathing--that is, NOT A CORPSE--I really will scream. I mean it.

Sic, thus, therefore.
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Pretty lady oracle foolish can sing only songs you want to hear, absolutely free.

"Based on what you've told us so far, we're playing this track because it features basic rock song structures, electronica influences, a subtle use of vocal harmony, mild rhythmic syncopation and a minor key tonality."

Well. Your box is certainly pretty, too. ^_~

It just played three songs from my collection. IN A ROW.
Okay, just a little freaked out now.

Hahaha, I can't wait to see what it makes of my dance preferences.

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They could just look for "the straight gene".

Speaking purely as a statistician: they'd have a ginormous sample size! And getting the consent forms signed would be SO easy! And *if* there were any oopsies with confidentiality, it's not like there'd be much in the way of social damage to the respondents.

I know a bunch of guys who would be deeply comforted by the knowledge that they were definitively, genetically, unalterably straight.

(To the best of my knowledge, they haven't yet studied the genetic code of lesbians, or, y'know, any women whatsoever, looking for a preference indicator, and thus, they can't make projections.)

I'm perfectly serious. This consideration is, on my part, entirely devoid of anything even close to sarcasm.
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...I have now this urge to write face-meltingly cute Dorochet/Martel.

I have been making with The Cute recently.
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RUN. To your ATM machinery.

FETCH. Your money.

HIT THE GAS. To your local theater.

AND SEE Wanted.

Do this thing. Do it now.

You're welcome, baby.

And, while we're up here?

The Little Things by Danny Elfman is not only someone up there knows me and it's not fucking Jesus H. Christ my shiny new theme song, BUT.

It also stomps every single one of my music buttons. Really hard. Simultaneously.

OH. OH. DANNY BOY. You motherfucking GENIUS YOU. OH. <3
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Maybe the one that's been perpetually "Coming Soon!" for TWO YEARS at my local shopping center (and oh, how excited I was at this prospect; I do believe I may have salivated) has an actual fiscal reason for the hiatus.

Whatever, as long as I get my store. There's another location that will be even more convenient for me, and it's already built, now all they need to do is place machines and bodies in it so I can throw what little disposable income I have right down their registers.


So what? All pleasure is transitory; only pain is real. On balance, honest joy in an ephemeral thing is more real than trading on the permanence of, say, gold.

Memento mori.

Clouds do not have silver linings. Clouds cast shadows upon the ground, and on the ground we suffer under them, and then it rains. Insult, injury, endings.

To remember that we are mortal?

A hot cup of coffee makes me forget. <3

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Relax, don't do it, supposedly no reference to sex in this lyric, repeat ad infinitum.

It's as though a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Just between us, I wish it had been lifted from rather more adipose portions of my personage, but that's neither here nor there.

The problem with child geniuses is that they grow up, and once they do so, they are no longer exceptional, by dint of their adulthood; after all, adults are supposed to be smart.

(And so many of them are so crashingly stupid it's truly amazing. I tentatively count myself among the "smart enough to tie own shoes" ranks of humanity, though this is constantly being disproven by mathematicians. Who are the enemy of statisticians, and the enemy of my friend, verily, I say unto you, that he also is my enemy.)

Oh! Know who else is an astrophysicist?

Brian May.
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'Kay, so, panicking about thesis. My own fault, as usual. At least I have an idea, now. XD

BUT. That's not important!

Because I found THIS, which is proof that hopefully we might actually get a moon colony or underwater city by the time I'm a middle-aged mom of two...

And, also, as soon as I logged in, the stupid rollbar ad at the top transformed into spam for "The Cat Who Wouldn't Come Inside", by


Splashdown geeeks know what up. Word!

Okay. So. That by itself makes my day awesome. ^_^
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I can't stop laughing. For oh so very many reasons.

HOW, paleface?

Or maybe that should be, "Why?"
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How Jheti writes for class. Mid-process, so you can get a look at how I draft, if you like.

O, my visionary people, you don't need powerful binoculars to see. )
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Inspired by Laylah, who lives over at InsaneJournal now. I'd been thinking of ranting about this before, but her post somehow gave me the shove to do so.

It's not asskissing if it happens to be the truth. *Shrug.*

As a writer: I'm one of those undisciplined, feral layabouts that writes by the seat of her pants. Or the skin of her teeth, if you're into that kind of thing.

This is long; feel free to hop around by convenient lj-cuts and/or not finish.

This is arrogant. I am arrogant. Dun liek dun read. Come on, pretty. Don't act like you don't want some of this.

On Publication: )

God, I've been waiting all year to let that out. Anyway.

On Hearing Characters )

Insanely Self-Involved: Fanfiction as Physical Development )


On EFFORT, or: How I Write Nonfiction/Research/Op-Ed )

On EFFORT, or: How I Write Fiction )

I was originally trying to get to "Outlining: Why I Don't Use It", but I have a hand cramp. XD

LOL ENTRY LENGTH = about 3,100 words. See? Told you.

Yes, Virginia, there are typos. I'm not fixing them. My hands hurt. *Whine whine snarl lick paws.*


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