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Oh joy!


It reminds me of those long, awkward afternoons in theology class, where I either

A) Skipped to Revelation and savored the blood blood burnydeath action movie sequences
B) Quietly read my pocket dictionary instead.

Yeah, other nerds had comic books inside theirs. Pretty sure I was doin' it wrong. <3

I really do this shit in my spare time! Well, I used to.

I read things like The Little Brown Book of Corporate Advancement and Shakespeare's Insults: Educating Your Wit

not because I am a pretentious douchewaffle (though I will proudly admit being an arrogant windbag <3 IT'S MINE I OWN IT, WHATCHU DO NOW BITCHEZ :D)

but because I enjoy the pretty noises English makes when you contort it into all kinds of fun shapes!

I just. Love words. They're kind of my favorite thing.

And one of the things I love most about the Internet is being able to repeat all these catchphrases that have no context. I love this language. It's so weird and adorable and I don't even, can't sentence properly.

The best part is? We'll leave all this stuff behind, screaming THIS and FIRST and IAWTP, and our children and grandchildren will be largely unable to decipher any of it.

Ain't that the bee's knees.

Or possibly a humdinger. It's definitely one of those.
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From Last Thursday! A bus adventure, tagged, but not locked. THERE IS ALSO BOOKSTUFF UNDER THE CUT.

Bookery. On Julie E. Czerneda and Herman Hesse. )

So I'm sitting there, reading In The Company Of Others, and this dude gets on the bus. (Warnings: misandry, major, MAJOR tmi, and blasphemy for dessert.) )

I'll be honest, the only thing I really remember from the Song of Solomon is this: at some point, he compares tits to gazelles.

Gazelles. You guys. Seriously. Zeus. Goat tit. Gazelles.

A part of me wonders if this is where the term "bazongas!" got its starting point.

(I want to strangle the stars for all they promised me)
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When I first heard this I finally understood.

This is the closest I have to a formal statement of belief.
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Oh. District 9.

Thank you, Mr. Jackson; I'm sorry it tanked; I love you for your brain ^_^

Nothing back here but hyperactive brainfilth re: trailers, tl;dr, fuck friendslocking I'm lazy. )

What is my brain it's incredible that's what goddamn.
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Short version: I AM A MACRO. AND SO CAN YOU.

...I'll do it in three. )

Long version: Who is your commander? Is it him? )

Good lord. I've actually blistered my thumb on the spacebar. XD
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So, somebody wants ghost!George to protect Winona and the boys, and all I can think is LET'S KILL FRANK, MESSILY, and let's call it This Old House.

Is, I'm thinking, not what OP wants.

This is like Kirk, Winged Savior of the Rihannsu.

This is my stripe of crack.

If I just keep telling it, "No, you have like four other things you promised to do and some of them are underway already" it will eventually die down and stop.


I wants it.
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Holyshit poetry D:

Nero/Ayel, in the manner of freshman lit class. )

Pardon any misquotes, will you? It's been a decade since I gave a damn and five years since I read any fancy books other than Twain or London, and those not recently, and they're not European enough, you know.

Frost doesn't count, he's not European EITHER, and I can only take him in small doses, neat, with bourbon, yes I'm serious.

Migraines do odd, odd things to my thought processes. ^_^
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To start: since last Friday I've been running on an average of three hours' sleep a day.

School. It matters. )

Housecleaning. It's not my favorite thing.

I like even less when horrible paper dust and flotsam rains a blizzard down on my freshly cleaned floors.

I am grateful for the new insulation, fellas, really. But.

Oh. There was also the part where I accidentally released some sort of chemical vapor in the bathroom because apparently Tilex and Lysol toilet cleaner are not friends?

It burned. In the back of my mouth. In my eyes. Dropped everything and fled to the guest bath, showered in my clothes, coughed up a little blood, realized I wasn't going to pass out and therefore could not possibly die from exposure, so it probably wasn't chlorine.

My lungs are still raw. But they've always been touchy. I just hope I don't get sick between here and there; there's the usual dorm croup going around because the incoming freshmeats and their parents are visiting in droves again, and I might actually catch it in an already-hurt state. Mouth taste was a little sideways yesterday, but it's fine now.

Strange, my eyes were what hurt the most, and they're fine.

So I took a nap and rewashed the linens and refused to clean the floors again, and slept.

Yesterday was more real world obligations. I was so tired I don't remember most of them.

Dreaming and Star Trek fic writing talk. )

Um. I swear the original purpose of this entry was...

Yesterday: awesome day was AWESOME. )

Today was doing a bunch of stuff I didn't want to do and then taking another nap, during which the subject appeared to be why Kirk/McCoy rules or something.
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I might actually rent this.

Just to see Nero Eric Bana beat the crap out of Seth Rogen.

Because logically he'll come to Adam Sandler's aid y/n.

Seriously. PLEASE tell me that happens. I'll love you forever.
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Sidewalk + rain x total darkness = car door. UP THE ASS. Surprize carsex? RAEP OMG RAEP NO MEANS NO.

I am eggplant-colored in uncomfortable places and my knee needed one of those cool bandages as big as my hand. *Is hardcore.* I should probably go get some ice but fuck that, aspirin's fine.

On the upside, sitting and standing hurt exactly the same, so laying down to sleep should be possible.

Apparently, it's Fail!Week here on The Jheti Show.

That, or my middle name is actually Beavis, and no one ever told me. D= THE HORROR.

Or something.

It's one of those things, unless it's all of them.
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Couldn't sleep. Not for the fun reason.

Three hours in class. I'm now absolutely positive I don't know what I'm doing and will never get it right.

And I just spent the last two hours getting yelled at.


It's five o'clock somewhere.
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I know I do not have this item. I had to pry apart two closets and my bed to prove that no, really, I honestly do not have this item and do not remember what was done with it. I also don't care, because it's not like it's ever getting fixed anyway or you would have DONE IT SIX MONTHS AGO, like you swore you would.

I want to throw something, hard, just to hear it break.

I'll stuff the mess back where it came from, instead.

I don't clean. Not my own things. Mostly because it doesn't matter how much I clean; it's never enough.

Plus, usually by the time I'm done picking up everyone else's shit, the last thing I want to do is bother with mine.

It's not like either of you ever clean anything. Back the fuck up off me. >E

No, see, roommates are JUST LIKE THIS, except sometimes they steal from you and/or break shit, in the bargain. Oooh, yeah, that's a tradeoff I'm dying to have. *Eyeroll.*
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Let's recap.

My fail, let me show you it. )
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I ride public transit. For six hours a day. Twice a week; down from thrice a week. I hate it. I hate absolutely everything about it.


It is very easy for people with cars to tell me how grateful I should be. Sneering wheatgrass cyclists who live eight minutes from their cushy overpaid office job can stick their environmentally friendly transportation right up their low-carb-nonfat cheeks.

No, not the ones on their faces, although that might be fun to watch, too.

Yes, I have met some nice people. I can literally count them on one hand. And I have been riding public transit for FOUR YEARS. That should tell you something.

However. The "have gratitude for all life gives you" types are probably sick of my bitching.

It will not lessen. It will merely go into hiding. It will also become more extensive! As I used to edit the posts for brevity before. These will contain more hatred for humanity.

They will be on a filter.

I swear I really did used to like people and want to help them. City buses do not in fact run on gasoline, but rather ON HUMAN SOULS, which they devour slowly over long periods of time.

Adds? y/n/don't give a shit? Comment, pls.
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I can't read this book.

Why not? It's very simple: the Evil One's name?

Is Tharn.

As in, "Tharn goes stiff with shock and falls down dead."

I can't get past it. I just can't. Every time he's mentioned, there goes my canon fodder, CLUNK.

(No, that's not a typo. A presumption, yes, but not a typo.)

Tharn, Tharn, Tharn, CLUNK, CLUNK, KERPLUNK.

Oh. Also, it has grievous tone problems. I can forgive all sorts of stupid plot shenanigans--fantasy continues by them--but not tone problems like these. They're massive. By turns it tries to be a "horrors of war" pastiche, a Homeric wanderer's adventure, and a fucking kung-fu movie (without the kung-fu). It succeeds, kinda sorta sometimes in spots, at the last two. Its rendering of the first is laughable.

And it's got hideous First Novel Name Disease.

What's that? Simple. There are a dozen proper names in the first six pages, and it's just too many. Especially because it's a hodge-podge: some are places, some are people, and some are racial designations of these people, and since they're fantasy!Christians and fantasy!Arabs (with a side-order of fantasy!vaguely!Chinonipponese) those will be important throughout the battle, and, presumably, throughout the book.

Except, I can't care, because there's no way of telling them apart.

I got to page 80. Of 754.

I picked up Aurian next: Mary Sue Saves THE UNIVERSE.

Ah, ah, but I'm reading this for one thing only. I will stop after I get through her turn as a gladiatrix, whenever that comes.

Besides, it's at least swifter than most Mary Sue fiction, fan or otherwise. The thorougly hackneyed, totally undiverting plot is buoyed by its own stupidity: I keep reading with a sort of horrified, gleeful fascination, waiting to see when Aurian will reach up and eat the sun itself, simply because she discovers she has the power to do so.

And it was cool to see a woman with the "male" powers of earth and fire, and not, like "spirit" or "crystal" or "seabreeze" or any of that froofy shit women usually get stuck with.

I have the last book of the trilogy in my possession. Judging by the reviews, I will not miss much by not having the middle volume also.

She's ridiculously overpowered, and I like it. Not enough to recommend it, but again, it's better than other stuff I've read in the same vein, by virtue of its quickness.
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Of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song.

It doesn't exist.

But it should.
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You're all in my prayers. May they do you some good.

The new year is coming. Let's just all get there.

Love and good things.
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So um, there's way too much horrific crap in my pet fandom?

And flipping the menu to Ratings: All sometimes gives me less crap, or at least New and Different!Crap.

But. Today, I accidentally put the menu on (? Ratings Guide).

There is a new rating on FF.net.

B: Age 1+ Unverified: Intended for preschool level and younger children between the ages of 1 and 4. Content should be free of any coarse language, violence, adult themes, and ideas very young children cannot comprehend.

So, um.


I could read at three, but not well, and not without help from, y'know, illustrations. Which are missing on ffn, unless one counts scary talking pop-up ads that make listening to music impossible.

Hi ffn, ic whut u did thar...And I lol'd. XD

Also, MK trolls who can't even press the Enter button?


Bring back the guy who wrote the Goro porn! At least he was funny. XD

ETA: apparently one of you is a real person? Who double posts? A lot? In many fandoms?

And...and...you appear to actively expect to be taken seriously.

That crunching sound, it was my synapses. <--Is not a sentence. You broke my sentence-making-utensil; I hope you're happy. :E

Conducting Kitana's trial re: Mileena's murder and having resurrected!Mileena show up in the middle of the proceedings to be smug is...

I know I shouldn't want to have that button pressed, because there's no way it can happen except in badfic, but oh. <3

Also, saying things like "her BESTEST FRIEND Jade" repeatedly? Fine. Made me look. ^_~

Jade put the handcuffs on Kitana. <3

(Shut up, I have to look for my femmeslash under a rock in the subtext. No one will just put it out in the text for me! /whine.)

And, yes, I have seen those one or two M rated fics, and no, they were not sufficient; they were horrid. So there.


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