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The tale that you have dialed has been disconnected. There is so much of nothing that I have to say, fifteen minutes' worth and then I sleep the medicine is stroking my brain with soft blue fingers nails blunted past touching, silk soft.

I wait for the coming of night rain. I feel water moving in the darkness, but not in any way that threatens. I am at the threshold of another story, something else uncurling, I don't know for which fandom or why, doesn't matter, does it, I have come to accept that my fiction will all be fan-oriented, that I am not have not are not the soul of a novelist, that not everyone is or does or has.

I have am keeping, keeping time, old promises made in the throes of summer fever in the tide, in spray and salt and good morning, good night.

The Rhythm Of The Saints is, hands down, my all-time favorite album, by any artist anywhere. I notice new layers and thoughts in it every time.

I sat and did my homework in the computer lab tonight; that was a nice experience, that was fun. It took two hours to turn out eight hundred words of competent, adequately-resourced copy (I had to pause to read two sources for proper dissection, or I would have finished in an hour and a half.)

It felt natural, worked out well; I had a nightmare--a tension dream, I guess, one in which I flunked out, of course, but nothing unbearable or violent, just stuff that makes me grind my teeth in my sleep and wake with an aching jaw--about statistics class this morning, I also woke at three this morning, not from the dream but from the barking of the dogs.

I stayed awake on adrenaline and stubbornness until six, then went back to sleep until about noon. Had a minor frustration fueled shouting match with my parents for an hour. I don't even remember what it was about; I think we were all just using it as an excuse to yell at something for awhile.

We are all living under a lot of stress right now, both individually and communally as a unit. I'll just say "whatever" because I don't feel like spending details on it.

Right now, Plants Versus Zombies is my game. I'm on the roof levels and feeling pretty happy about it. I finally got the cat tails on the pool levels; I love the cat tails they are so cute and totally powerful as well.

I'm also looking forward to playing Peggle. I like to play games that leave me a certain amount of non-involvement or room to think about other things outside of the game itself WHILE I'm playing it.

I'm sure this is because when I first started playing games, there was only one Nintendo in the whole neighborhood, and it was at my friend Jennifer's house. So like, the whole neighborhood would come over and hang out in her living room and we would all take turns playing Mario, or, a year or so later, Zelda. (Because we lived overseas, our releases were delayed.)

So yeah. A lot of us would hang out and talk about other things while we watched the game and waited our turn. For me, gaming has always been an at least quasi-social activity. Sometimes it was the only thing I had in common with the other kids at all, the way I got to belong for a few minutes every day.

I think the Wii looks like mad fun. I would totally invite the whole class over to play Mario Party if I had a Wii.

In before "Jesus Jheti you're almost thirty, this isn't how adulthood works."

Adulthood is lonely and boring, you guys. Seriously. Except for brief, bright pockets of awesome known as "meetups."

Time's up for today. I think we made a lot of progress here, today.
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An all nighter is me?

I had to go grad level, WITH FAMILY EXCUSES (albeit happy ones! FOR A CHANGE XD), to even need to pull one.

Fuck no-win scenarios.
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Dear Subconscious,

I don't love you, either.

Pure hatred,

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Sweetness, if you're not here for the overshare, you're reading the wrong journal. XD

EWW, SHUT UP JHETI, GOD. (Oh, gee, maybe that's tmi.) )

And that headache I've had for six months, the one I've been hiding with aspirin and alcohol and cursing unmerciful god?

Appears to be gone.
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This morning, like some mornings, I got a bit tossy-turny on my way up. And just as I'm on my way cycling down into a nice deep wave--I'm usually aware of going under; delta is like cold water or slow paralysis, but it's lovely and smooth if you don't fight it--just then, I smell COFFEE. Fresh cooking coffee. Hot, delicious fresh coffee.

First conscious thought: "He set the coffee maker for 4:45."

I waited for my arms to kick in, for the feeling of normal movement (not the water circles, not the easy fluid nowhere of sleep) to come back to my legs, thinking, "And here I have two choices: I can wake up because of the alarm, or because OF COFFEE."

"I have to get up at 5:30 anyway."

Only, it wasn't 4:45, it was 3:30.

...Mmm, coffee.
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I have school.

So I actually was asleep by ten.

Woke up at 2. Tried everything to obtain more sleep until 3:30.

Usually, I'm good in that if I lie very still and think about the moon outside, I fall asleep within ten minutes or so.

I've gotten real good about "AWAKE! Re-sleep. AWAKE! Re-sleep. AWAKE! Re-sleep."

Oh, no, not this morning. Even this particular song isn't helping; pretty, drowsy song of sleep-inducing, I love you even though you're not doing your job at the moment. *Pets it*.

I won't be able to sleep until eleven tonight. If I'm lucky.


(Insert much sullen flailing here.)
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I don't really care for James Michener's work--the sentences are brittle, flat and uninteresting--but Legacy is a short enough read that I feel I can sit still for it. Then people will stop telling me I ought to read his books. (See also: JRRT, Steven King, Dickens, Steinbeck, Tolstoy, et. al., ad nauseam).

Anyway. Using an offhand line from one of the character sketches therein, I plugged Philadelphia and Norfolk (the first Virginia seaside-ish town I could think of) into Google maps, and, thus and therfore and thereby, and possibly therewith, estimate that five days' ride on horseback at an average pace covers a distance of about 270 miles, give or take some.

This is useful for drawing original-universe maps of the fantasy variety in particular; I'd imagine halving the time across the same distance for steam-punk and/or murder mysteries with that old-time flavor--anything using steam rail. I haven't checked whether that bears out, but it sounds reasonable and would merit a saving throw and/or willpower check by interested parties.

Iron Man was fun. Stupid, but fun, and Robert Downey Jr. may continue with these antics if he wishes; I no longer disapprove. (O, ringing endorsement, so enthusiastic thou art.)

I had a brief, intense thing for Tony Stark at the age of ten, you see.

Clearly, I need sleep.

I had some good sleep earlier today, one of my jagged-edged catnaps fronted and backed by panics, with the fast, razor-sharp dreams of sentences written and spoken and shouted and screamed, faster, faster, faster--language lessons.

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I was so thoroughly asleep that I dreamed I got up and turned the alarm off.

My alarm is a loud, indescribably unpleasant, continuous single tone that takes about ten minutes to run down. There is no snooze button. (Welcome to 1985). Those don't work for me, anyway.

I once tore a fancy digital snoozy clock out of the wall so hard that the cord snapped. I was slightly irritated by the snooze function and its tendency to recur.

Anyway. This morning, according to the clock, it took about six minutes for me to realize that I was still dreaming.

Last year I was so sleep-deprived that I could easily ignore the thing, until "this one time", when it finally woke up my Stepdad from across the hall--with the door shut.

I was not and am not exaggerating when I say it's loud.

I suppose I should be Mary Sunshine and note that at least it's proof I slept deeply.

Also. Could someone please advise the general population that correcting someone is not an acceptable way to say hello? It's possibly the single rudest greeting that there is. It is offensive and vile and does not make one think highly of the perpetrator. At least flat insults are earnest and make the giver dirty-faced first.
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It's a good thing I'm awake early, with the usual thin-spot-in-stomach-lining, "god chose the hot poker today" sensation.

Because um, I didn't turn my alarm on. And I have a final. In morning class.

That might just be slightly important.

I also get to write myself out of another final, because I have the second-highest grade in my class.

On four hours' sleep a day, baybeh.

I've referenced my LJ before to remember what the fuck I was doing a few months ago, a few years ago, actions alongside thoughts.

Not because of drinking. I haven't had any in so long.

It murmurs my name at odd intervals.

Heard you say you would love to try some
Heard you say you would love to die some

This Indian summer, I sign my life away? There's a greedy fly here, I'll fly away. Make, up your mind, I need some help, to find what's mine, mine, mine, MINE.

Oh, my visionary people
You don't need powerful binoculars to see
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Suspicions. Watch your actions; guard your reputation. Your public face is under inspection or scrutiny. What have you held in check? Ruthless, systematic id suppression. Dark self to the surface; negativity dragged from the unconscious. Transitions; follow your instincts. Self-concept. Unconscious potential--instinct nature and the taste of dirt. Transition or phase anxiety. Be more responsive to the suggestions of others. Rumors, fear of same.

Consider that hawks can see for miles.

There were others, helping me, but it made no difference, really.

I stole another set of one-sentence prompts, this to cut and eat at my leisure. You don't need hints, I don't think.


The wall implodes with a great scream of indignation and a hoarse roar of victory from the righteous--her shoulders are squared and hot against his back; he can do anything.

I'm perpetually tired. I have been tired for three years.

Once in a while I have an energy drink and feel alive for a few hours. *Shrug.*
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I slept very deeply. So deep I had the shakes and a twitch-fit coming up. The hard, deep, regular yanking oscillations that usually come from muscle fatigue. Coffee, meet floor. I almost stabbed myself making toast. It's taken me an hour to type this, looking down to be sure I hit all the right keys, because "wndjerrs" is not how you spell "toast". Being a spaz is such fun.

I held myself rigid all night--my jaw made noises like distant gunshots against the roof of my mouth when I stood up. My feet still hurt.

It happened that night
When you told me to go
Don't ask who's to blame
I don't know

Dreams were too personal. No, not sex, I'd brag about a sex dream in lengthy detail; I've had my sex dream quota, anyway, check back next year. Yes, of course I'm serious. I'm always serious when it's not important.


*Deep, jaw-clacking yawn.*

That will be all.
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I'm two disks into my She-Ra box.

I have two feelings.

One: thirty dollars for endless footage of Adora's legs? So I'm not the wisest with my money. It's not like I have so much of it that it's ever really a problem. Lol!

Two: Friendship is the best episode thus far. It ignores the Lohni and Adora affection plot in favor of "She-Ra saved a monster that comes to their aid so they can escape" because it was less icky for the male writers and production staff to deal with. XD

You can see where they went, "It's a kid's show. Also, relationships are yucky. Even when they're totally just friends."

I know better, anyway. Silly writers. )

Sea Hawk is not even an issue. He just hasn't met Bow yet. Together, they could realize some things about themselves and each other, and then everything would be fine.

I should make icons. Which would involve video capture and coding and then stripping. This is too much work for my one tiny day off.

So. Instead, I will go re-play Konquest mode.

I'm up here to say all this 'cause "I'm waking up thrice a night again" is (more) boring. ^_~

Yes. (Sic)

Jun. 13th, 2007 05:48 am
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I am tired all the time.

I have a bus ticket that lasts for thirty days and YOU DON'T HAH.

The King and his men
Took the Queen from her bed
And bound her in her bones

I was dreaming about sleeping. But I slept better than usual for a workday today.

Aren't I fascinating.

Never shall this song come outta my player. There's two tone-changes that are brainstuck. I heard it all night in my sleep.
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I woke up like four times in a row. I only slept for five hours. So, what, once an hour? XD Not for any especial reason I can divine. I don't think I even dreamed, let alone of anything. Sometimes I just dream sounds or rushes of color. I don't recall even that much.

Mmm, but I woke up with subbed!Greed purring in my ear in Japanese. ^___^

"Anyone hear me? No big deal." I think. I remember shogo nai means like, "it's not so bad", kinda. His sentences in the anime end with darou this, darou that. I wish I could remember what the hell that means. (Ex dee.)

Is that a whole verb in English? Or is it just one of those little verb-like words that are other parts of speech in English? I wish I KNEW ARRGH.

He shuffles his feet and growls out seeking agreement. There's also a whole layer of glorious sorrow to *SPOILER* that is entirely missing from the dub.

In all fairness, though. Chris Patton does a fantastic job. Greed is kind of a spaz spastically animated by nature. Getting the vocals synched to that cannot be easy. And he makes it all sorts of sexy. <3

I really do think Vic Mignona displays a nice...virtuosity is the word I want for Ed's role, definitely. I wasn't sure it would be. Then I watched the sub. XD He just really got into the role and it kinda sparkles out and reflects that. I mean, wow.

(I have watched me some SHITTY dubs. FMA is beautiful. Even in the ouchy places that sacrifice meaning, I only notice those where I go back and look, and it's still beautifully consistent. There's always a certain amount of technical, working finesse I can expect from this series and get it every time. It's always polished and shiny.)

Who did Hughes? 'Cause I could swear the actor (/actress?) in question did at least two other voices. Maybe it's just because I'm used to Disney shows, wherein that happens a lot. I dunno. Tough call.

But yeah. Waking up with Japanese!Greed in my head. There are occasional rewards to sleep trouble. *murrsquee!*
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I have bruises and I don't remember how they got there, I have cuts and I don't remember how they got there, I have a headache and I don't remember how it got there.

Yes. Best night class ever.

I have to mount things on mat board and center them. Other than I never could center ANYTHING to save my life, I am unafraid.


This is going to be so much work it's not even funny. I'm hurting from deadlines I don't even have yet.

The machines in the lab are MADE OF SEX. I don't even care that they're Macs and do all the stupid, stupid, senseless things that Macs do. They're beautiful, disastrous, devouring things and don't go anywhere, sugar, I've another bill in my pocket someplace, stay awhile, so fair thou art. XD

I dreamed he'd given me money, and I didn't like the why of it, but I never do. It is what ISN'T done that makes it a threat. You sit at the banquet table never certain which chair has the sword hanging over it, and meanwhile the thread is fraying, undwinding a little at a time, somewhere above you in the dark.

I woke with Celine Dion warbling in my ear. From shrieking to singing? Is that a step up? I love my clock, though. It is mightier than all other time-pieces and so large that Baraka and Leena both can comfortably sit at either end. ^_^

I still don't have a washing machine. This has nothing to do with anything in particular; it felt noteworthy. My drier still works perfectly.

My dishwasher made an odd, angry sound last night. I shall go test it for demons shortly.

Demons are what cause mechanical failures. Sometimes they're punishments from god, but mostly it's demons at play.

Of course I'm serious.


No, you're not, and stop stealing my catchphrases.


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