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Handily divided into the only categories that matter. Check under cuts for details. Added in order found--that is, most recent finds at the top.

Not Romulans! )

Romulans! )

Moar as I find moar.

If you have moar, especially if it is moar WITH ROMULANS, and extra-special bonus for DARK FIC IS DARK (WITH ROMULANS), comments are love.
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Why exactly is everyone in the fandom but me so excited about Keith R. DeCandido?

He could kill Vulcans with his brain. (With his sentence structure alone. See: How the Borg Spent Their Summer Vacation as Exhibit A.)

Guy makes Kevin J. Anderson look like Proust. For fucksake. Or maybe Melville.

Okay, okay, done proving I can read actual books. Still, aaaaughafkljshljks D:

Do not want.

ASDF (Etc.)

Jan. 7th, 2010 12:01 pm
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Well. Merry Christmas to you, too.

ajsdkfhjlkhs; AWESOME.

A good deal of backstory mangling must be had in order to shoehorn CANON REMAN WOES and Actual Hearthworlds Storytelling into the same space; so.
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Attention, All Hands: Condition SQUEE. )


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I'm avoiding dreaming. That's what the burning of the candle at both ends is for.

I seem to be missing fandoms; prima fabula has overtaken the others. To the point that I am tempted to wear my chastity belt Starfleet shirt in public.

Shall I go on at length about Rasputina!Romulans and the fact that I have listened to Identity Tokens something like six hundred times in the last three days?

I thought not.

I think they met in training. I think they met over a disagreement with their instructors. I think they beat the crap out of each other instead of saying hello. I suspect this is how they greet the ones they love. Ravsai, I hate you; never leave me; let's kill them all and run away from here.

I am thinking again of Alex-Louis. I've missed him.

I have Shou Tucker angst SOMEWHERE in one of my university notebooks--the one with the plastic celadon cover and grotesquely warped spiral binding from the time I accidentally shut the backpack zipper on the spine and it caught in the teeth and yeah, that was a mess.

But I can't find it, can't remember what I did with it.

I'm drinking so much coffee that I smell like it, even behind careful washings and extra antiperspirant.

Did you know, if you're...less than fresh-scented...and out of options, hand sanitizer works as a stopgap? Others living in hot climates, do take note. The effect is much better, cleaner and longer lasting than cranking up the perfume. It needed to be said. Especially to those of us--you know who you are!--that think Axe Body Spray is some kind of magical soap alternative.

Mmmm. Today I must do homework.

Also, there will be prose. I think I just made a cryptic tacit promise. <3
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I like Captain Solo where he is.
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...Apparently, even people who utterly ripped the movie thought there was something going on in the general direction of Nero/Ayel.

Keep calm and carry on.
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In The Pale Moonlight.


Nero is right. I mean, he doesn't know it, and wouldn't care if he did know it, because He So Craaazee, but. Still. In canon, even in shitty!Bermaga canon.

He doesn't know, because he can't know, but Spock knows, he must know, in order to know what else he knows, so unless he's dead by then (I have not checked my strictest canon) then he is actually lying about stuff--maybe not "Oh hey, us Vulcans are gonna slay you now kthxbye" but he is keeping quite a few other Fed cards tucked up in that bland grey vest.

...It will be war, Praetor. War is always glorious.

I. I don't. What is this I can't even.

It's possible I squeaked.

Thank you, Deep Space Nine. <3

I can't believe I just typed that whut. Lulz.

Yes, it's stupid how happy I am, and no, I don't care. XD
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I am now the proud owner of 24 23 cans of Mountain Dew Throwback. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



I love you, shitty neighborhood in the boondocks. Even if you are a godforsaken hellpit of boundless, lightless suck in its natural pure suck form. <3

And there is also this. I may have actually laughed with delight IRL for the first time in about a year.

I can't find the screencaps post, but I have them all, so, HAY WHO WANTS KARL URBAN MAKING FACES AT CHRIS PINE? ^_~

And attractively stage-bloody Chris Pine. And Bruce Greenwood being all srs face.

Mygod this movie. Most worthy hot sausage buffet film with male leads I have seen in years.

Oh my god Ayel's outfit I did not think I could love him moar and fgghhgff, that stupid collar of that stupid jacket that is apparently not all there. UNF.


And *college crap* I can't quite remember, on account of being so caffeinated my eyelids were twitching just so I could fake paying attention in lecture, and jesus the fucking dogs woke me up at fucking midnight, but who cares because STEPDAD ARRIVED bearing BOXES OF THROWBACK and I hurt all over and four hours is exactly the same amount of sleep I got yesterday.
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So, somebody wants ghost!George to protect Winona and the boys, and all I can think is LET'S KILL FRANK, MESSILY, and let's call it This Old House.

Is, I'm thinking, not what OP wants.

This is like Kirk, Winged Savior of the Rihannsu.

This is my stripe of crack.

If I just keep telling it, "No, you have like four other things you promised to do and some of them are underway already" it will eventually die down and stop.


I wants it.
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Cut so I can pretend I'm sane.

So I found the erhu in the <i>Star Trek</i> score. )
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Oh my god Deep Space Nine.

I do not like it, Sam I Am. )

I'm gonna try watching the Sisko straitjacket episodes, for the lulz. Tenchi used to do this awesome over the top blubber of "I CREATED IT, AND IT'S REEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLA" based on one single viewing of some commercials for it.

In short, I anticipate amusement. ^_^

To be fair: Elim Garak is the most imminently watchable mincing poofter they've ever had on a Star Trek show.

And OF COURSE people ship Garak/Bashir. It's not my thing, but it's canon. Oh my god is it canon.

They chat about theatre over lunch and gush re: exchanging chocolates and how much they'll miss each other. Incessantly, of course, because that's how talking is done aboard the DS9.

I mean. I don't even have to try.

It's a shame Garak's not on more; the show achieves a surprisingly high level of decent when he's around.

I wonder what Gul Dukat is like, but not enough to actually keep watching. -_-;
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This is entirely sufficient excuse to use this icon.

Yes, it is.

Hahaha, the ad in the sidebar just happens to say, "We do more than shipping."

Oh, yes we do.

I wish the community were less fragmented. And that some of the here-first fen were less wary of the demented biker Romulans. Because they're so much fun! And once you know how they got that way, they're just lovely.

Nero has made them a hard and horrible world to do their growing up in, and I can't wait to see how they'll handle it, even though I know the next movie will be the Klingons, because everyone likes them best.

It's my pet theory that the Romulans need chainsaws.

Oh, hush.

There weren't any fiddles in first century Rome. And if there's any such instrument on ch'Rihan it's probably some version of a lyre and not played with a bow.

I mean. Really.
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To start: since last Friday I've been running on an average of three hours' sleep a day.

School. It matters. )

Housecleaning. It's not my favorite thing.

I like even less when horrible paper dust and flotsam rains a blizzard down on my freshly cleaned floors.

I am grateful for the new insulation, fellas, really. But.

Oh. There was also the part where I accidentally released some sort of chemical vapor in the bathroom because apparently Tilex and Lysol toilet cleaner are not friends?

It burned. In the back of my mouth. In my eyes. Dropped everything and fled to the guest bath, showered in my clothes, coughed up a little blood, realized I wasn't going to pass out and therefore could not possibly die from exposure, so it probably wasn't chlorine.

My lungs are still raw. But they've always been touchy. I just hope I don't get sick between here and there; there's the usual dorm croup going around because the incoming freshmeats and their parents are visiting in droves again, and I might actually catch it in an already-hurt state. Mouth taste was a little sideways yesterday, but it's fine now.

Strange, my eyes were what hurt the most, and they're fine.

So I took a nap and rewashed the linens and refused to clean the floors again, and slept.

Yesterday was more real world obligations. I was so tired I don't remember most of them.

Dreaming and Star Trek fic writing talk. )

Um. I swear the original purpose of this entry was...

Yesterday: awesome day was AWESOME. )

Today was doing a bunch of stuff I didn't want to do and then taking another nap, during which the subject appeared to be why Kirk/McCoy rules or something.
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Fortune fled, she stumbled off of heaven's edge... )

I may have to Sendspace it for the simple reason that I appear to own the only copy of Like Before in existence? XD

Ugress - Monochromatic World is the most badass. Narada loves her crew. Much more than is healthy. And as first, he spends a lot of time with her.

Draw me some conclusions, maestro.

Drink your spirits and pray
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So, uh. One down. ^_^

Thirteen in attempting.


On the other hand, I've written something like 6,700 words?

(My average short fic is a thousand, give or take.)

There's this one AU request for Kirk, Savior of the Rihannsu WITH GLORIOUS FALCON'S WINGS and I don't think I can resist it.

I don't think I even want to.

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The ability to read my mind?
And I didn't get that, either!

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] starsandtildes.

O, sing this once again, lustily. )
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So uh. I went to make a Trek XI reclist and then realized all the ones I like are dark and fucked up.

Except the obvious Jheti bait Romulan ones. And, well, most of those, too.

I am vaguely alarmed.

Mostly floored by the easy smooth availability of the dark and fucked up, but also vaguely alarmed.
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I was trying to type something intelligent but it all comes out


Nero!fic planning blither. )

I also kind of want a Nero icon that says "DIAF your whole PLANET" but I suspect this is not the way to win friends and influence people within the fandom. XD


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