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From Last Thursday! A bus adventure, tagged, but not locked. THERE IS ALSO BOOKSTUFF UNDER THE CUT.

Bookery. On Julie E. Czerneda and Herman Hesse. )

So I'm sitting there, reading In The Company Of Others, and this dude gets on the bus. (Warnings: misandry, major, MAJOR tmi, and blasphemy for dessert.) )

I'll be honest, the only thing I really remember from the Song of Solomon is this: at some point, he compares tits to gazelles.

Gazelles. You guys. Seriously. Zeus. Goat tit. Gazelles.

A part of me wonders if this is where the term "bazongas!" got its starting point.

(I want to strangle the stars for all they promised me)
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The King is dead; long live the King.

And Farrah. Be fabulous in better places than this, angel. You will be missed.

(Damn it people from when stuff was cool, pls to stop leaving, it really fucking sucks.)
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Let's recap.

My fail, let me show you it. )
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My laptop appears to be bricked. I do in fact suspect brickification.

As I know more, so shall you.

Thank god I backed my thesis up yesterday.

I think I have a version of the disaster, also, though it's a few months old, and some lolcats.

I am too frightened to pitch any sort of fit.
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I ride public transit. For six hours a day. Twice a week; down from thrice a week. I hate it. I hate absolutely everything about it.


It is very easy for people with cars to tell me how grateful I should be. Sneering wheatgrass cyclists who live eight minutes from their cushy overpaid office job can stick their environmentally friendly transportation right up their low-carb-nonfat cheeks.

No, not the ones on their faces, although that might be fun to watch, too.

Yes, I have met some nice people. I can literally count them on one hand. And I have been riding public transit for FOUR YEARS. That should tell you something.

However. The "have gratitude for all life gives you" types are probably sick of my bitching.

It will not lessen. It will merely go into hiding. It will also become more extensive! As I used to edit the posts for brevity before. These will contain more hatred for humanity.

They will be on a filter.

I swear I really did used to like people and want to help them. City buses do not in fact run on gasoline, but rather ON HUMAN SOULS, which they devour slowly over long periods of time.

Adds? y/n/don't give a shit? Comment, pls.
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They've sold Midway, and it looks like it's going to come apart in little bloody pieces.

Woe. Most dolorous and lachrymose woe.

Love is not a victory march, or: fannish-yet-true hyperbole. )

I have often wished I could do something about its decline, but I've never wanted it to disappear.

And now it looks like that could happen.

ETA: No, really, if it IS a hoax, then Wall Street Journal is in on it.

On which note, I attempt to sleep. Goodnight and good luck.
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Sweetness, if you're not here for the overshare, you're reading the wrong journal. XD

EWW, SHUT UP JHETI, GOD. (Oh, gee, maybe that's tmi.) )

And that headache I've had for six months, the one I've been hiding with aspirin and alcohol and cursing unmerciful god?

Appears to be gone.
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Here. Here's all the random ass updating crap I could think of:

Awesome dream.

I haven't been this sick in about seven years. I got pity soup out of it. *Shrug.*

My Marie Palin has gone back to her beloved France Alaska, in exile. I'll miss you, ice princess! =(

No word yet on whether we get to eat cake.

Fandom TL;DR: my own personal review rant. )

Apparently, Robitussin makes me indiscreet.

I care so much. XD
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It's happened.

Twilight icon posts ON MY FLIST.

...Hold me; I'm frightened. *sob sob.*
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Sarah Palin.



Like, yes, no, REALLY.

And, and she can, like, shoot and kill things! And gut fish!




I bet the way of a man with a maid is the only way, too. Or I would, if I was the betting type.


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Honored and Esteemed Parent,

Everything you want for me, I want for you. Everything you want for my family, I want for your family. I want twice as much for your family, everything you want for mine.
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Okay, okay, I give! Uncle, already.

I'm trying to type a horizontal line without using MS Word. )

Which brings me to my plea.

Do any of you know where/how I can acquire the horizontal line? ;_;

And wow, I don't think they call it a Return key anymore. I'm pretty sure all the keyboards ever say Enter on them now. *Is old.*
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So. Fay tropical storm whatever outside?

Is windy.

My wall, it is a window.

The wind is talking. The land breathes.

I am suddenly conscious of sleeping directly across from a plate of glass nearly the length of my body.

I promise you these windows have not been upgraded, replaced or repaired since the house was built in 1982.

It is taking a supreme act of will not to hide facedown in the bathtub.


Stupid fucking hippocampus.
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I tried to get into reading "housematehorror" for the drive-by vicarious lulz.

But, um, it's painfully unfunny.

"My roomie never picks up her shit and it's so disgusting."

That's all the posts ever.

Tell you what.

Call me when you have a housemate that actively lights your belongings on fire and breaks your china, eats twenty-seven POUNDS of ground beef in TWO DAYS, and almost burns down your fucking HOUSE.

Been there. Done that.

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He was some kind of brilliant at exploitative art and I will miss his work.

You can say they all looked the same, but they all looked good, so what difference does that make? Comic book art carries a touch of draftsmanship by necessity, and that's not wrong; without draftsmen, you don't get buildings.

There's nothing else to say.
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Backup's done. Box arrived in the mail.

Going to stick computer in box, send box to HP, receive fixed computer.

No idea how long that will take; no idea what's wrong with her, but it must be pretty bad, because she emits a delicate odor of fried wire every so often.

Luckily, my scary tedious class is ALL ABOUT COMPUTERS and having a computer is a TOTAL NECESSITY for same. XD

Where some people have a sense of shame, I was gifted with extra awesome. Tru fax. Srysly.

Hold the fort for me <3

I shall return.
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Sick as dog.

Caught it from college.

I usually don't get sick sick--I have pockets of adrenal fatigue, but that's nothing rest and water don't manage-if-not-fix.

Trying to finish the narrations for our monumentally, horrifically racist skits for the India presentation. XD

I've never coughed up this precise shade of greyish before. Tastes awful. *Makes faces.*
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My vacation? I need a vacation therefrom. And another three or four very hot showers. OhgodTHESMOKEitfeelslikeitwillnevercomeoff.

If you want to listen to me whine, you probably have my info.

Additionally: whilst at a rest stop on the way home, I beheld the saddest, most unbearably forlorn sight on the entire east coast.

A gutted MKII cabinet with Soul Calibur in its place.

Woe is my love. Most dolorous and lachrymose woe of Shakespearean proportions.

Woe, woe, and down, wanton, down.
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Isn't he great? *Waves to Roy.* So pretty with his gun under his chin. Can't do it. CLICK CLICK.

Some days it's like this picture.

Actually, it's like this one other picture I have, which is the mood perfectly, but it's behind the gory content filter and I don't have reposting permission.

See? I'm ethical. ;p

I know what I want I know what I want I know what I want.

And 'round and 'round the needle spins.

I'm actually in a very good mood. I had wonderful dreams. The housekeeper and I got loaded and danced around to whatever was coming out of the stereo. Not that kind of dancing. She was a nice lady.

Ill health. The trees for the forest. Uncertainty. What's that in the past? Consider what you put under the rug.

Oh, shut up, Google, it was harmless fun. =^p
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So I'm watching football.

Not a horror movie. Not a cop procedural. Not an action flick.

I am minding my own goddamned business.

It's the middle of the day. On standard network television.

And flashback in a box parades across the screen. Twice within an hour.

I can't seem to find the trailer. Nice long shots that go on and on into infinity as he tries desperately to get the pipe out while they carve on him.

Public to warn off my full list and any random readers.

They are packaging this as a thriller and a romance; it is neither of these things. Do not let the cuddly long cut trailer fool you.

Stay away from your television for the next several days. I'd recommend skipping Fox in particular, and I think TBS was airing it in heavyish rotation also, but I don't have confirmation on that.

Life happens. People see shit. I don't know where everyone's buttons are, but nobody deserves to have them stomped on at random while waiting for their dinner.

Comments blocked. My LJ is not a sandbox, pls not to piss in it.


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