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I just came up here to say that I got enough sleep and I can feel where I could live with three or four more nights of that.

Lachrymose. )

I'm sure that's a little off, somewhere, but I don't care anymore.

Oh, I may end up with Ariadne/Arthur. I need to break him, and she's so adorable. No one will ever suspect. Worlds wound tight. The city breathes while they sleep.

See, Cobb/Arthur doesn't work because there's all this gluing back together, holding each other up. Drying your eyes.

You've got it so, so wonderfully backward.

Similarly: Eames has a mouth like a gutter creature, but I can't see him doing the crucial thing. Which is driving the poor boy to tears.

You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

There will also be insanely overlarge sentient world-ending ships trying to out-top each other. That will be so much fun.

I always have a certain amount of trouble with the comfort portion of hurt/comfort. How strange.

I promise I did originally come up here to say today is beautiful, just lightly chilly and blue with autumn oncoming. I sprawled on the lawn. Life is so much clearer from a worm's-eye view. Makes the earth tilt a little. Makes the world seem like something you could actually hold on to, like it's permanent, like it means anything. You can smell the grass and feel the water and the dirt.

Well this entry was full of useless TMI. Ta!
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I've never had a panic attack that gave me chest pains before! It also woke me up. So that was all-new.

It feels good to me, makes me feel alright
It feels good to me, makes my burdens light
Just a little

I can kind of taste blood, and I have no idea where it came from, but it seems to have stopped.

I know you wanna leave me
But I refuse
To let you go

It's gonna be a GREAT DAY!!!!1
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I don't feel really myself, wasn't sure of anything until I put Splashdown on loud enough to hurt.

Then I felt better, and now I'm going to go do my report some more. It's due Wednesday and not even half done. Maybe a third done.

I really don't want to spend all of Tuesday on it. But I will if I have to.

God/gods/Elements/imaginary friends here.

I need a vacation.

Soon, soon, soon.

I'm going to look so gross. I don't care.

Black swimsuit? It bows outward at two ends, unable to hold either of them.

I'm rather prouder of the top, but that's neither here nor there.

Hahahaha big fat alto in a big fat black bathing suit!


I'm Ursula. *Grin.*


Soon, bbs.


I am seriously stupid happy.

Ayel knows things should be different. He doesn't regret a single day.

igrab is my Victar. I am so not kidding. ♥

Apparently I'm someone else's, too, which is scary considering it was for brainbasement whump.

Or sadism, in the plain English.

(Anything for a reaction, children. And apparently I have a lot of leftover anger about this very thing, why can't you be dead like him her; die, die my darling.)

Oh, Obvious!fandom, you entrance and terrify me. ♥
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Honestly, if you pair this with the pending legalization measures for medicinal uses,

they may well have created an unstoppable political excuse powerhouse.

I mean, I don't give a shit; my druggie friend helped me discover that I'm CALL-AN-AMBULANCE allergic just to the fumes.

So it literally makes no difference to me.

I just find the possibility for justification enormous and therefore fascinating, particularly from a social sciences mindset.

Follow the money.

All it ever is is money.

Anyone who says it's not money? Thinks it's power, and is misinformed.

It's the money.


Amen hallelujah.
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From Last Thursday! A bus adventure, tagged, but not locked. THERE IS ALSO BOOKSTUFF UNDER THE CUT.

Bookery. On Julie E. Czerneda and Herman Hesse. )

So I'm sitting there, reading In The Company Of Others, and this dude gets on the bus. (Warnings: misandry, major, MAJOR tmi, and blasphemy for dessert.) )

I'll be honest, the only thing I really remember from the Song of Solomon is this: at some point, he compares tits to gazelles.

Gazelles. You guys. Seriously. Zeus. Goat tit. Gazelles.

A part of me wonders if this is where the term "bazongas!" got its starting point.

(I want to strangle the stars for all they promised me)
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Sidewalk + rain x total darkness = car door. UP THE ASS. Surprize carsex? RAEP OMG RAEP NO MEANS NO.

I am eggplant-colored in uncomfortable places and my knee needed one of those cool bandages as big as my hand. *Is hardcore.* I should probably go get some ice but fuck that, aspirin's fine.

On the upside, sitting and standing hurt exactly the same, so laying down to sleep should be possible.

Apparently, it's Fail!Week here on The Jheti Show.

That, or my middle name is actually Beavis, and no one ever told me. D= THE HORROR.

Or something.

It's one of those things, unless it's all of them.
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"So, how was Star Trek?"

...I've written about thirteen thousand words in two weeks making EVERYONE on that ship uncanonically gay or bi. And giving most of the crew of Narada the same treatment.
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Moar kinkmeme blither. )


I'm a really bad Fullmetal fan. I have a half-dozen episodes to watch. I should probably watch them all before I'm seven behind? And apparently the new chapters are some sort of disaster NO DON'T SPOIL ME.

I just...oh, screw coherence. *Points at icon.*

THAT RIGHT THERE IS EATING MY NEURONS. IT IS HIS FAULT. VULCAN WILL BURN and then Spock will need comforting, a lot, and McCoy isadoctordamnit, this ain't natural, but it's right, and Kirk can come, too. Heh.
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Okay so [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets is mostly incomprehensible to me because it's mostly TV stuff.

And it's Mothers' Day so I know we're all out at Perkins or Dennys or some bistro somewhere smiling awkwardly and trying to make safe conversation. Been there did that totally understand it.



Oh my god LOOK AT HIM.

And if you know what it is, my next questions are:

1) What's the bodycount and villain's preferred, ah, method? You say garrote, I say GONE. So please just say chainsaws.

2) Where do I sign up?

ETA: Yeah okay, it's called Kuroshitsuji, but, Google is still ignorant. At least I know dude's name. *Flail.*

Oh does this mean it's unlicensed? Oh please?

I had more to say but it came out "UWAAAAHH" and "kyeh" and other flaily noises of this type.
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Sweetness, if you're not here for the overshare, you're reading the wrong journal. XD

EWW, SHUT UP JHETI, GOD. (Oh, gee, maybe that's tmi.) )

And that headache I've had for six months, the one I've been hiding with aspirin and alcohol and cursing unmerciful god?

Appears to be gone.
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Sarah Palin.



Like, yes, no, REALLY.

And, and she can, like, shoot and kill things! And gut fish!




I bet the way of a man with a maid is the only way, too. Or I would, if I was the betting type.


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Honored and Esteemed Parent,

Everything you want for me, I want for you. Everything you want for my family, I want for your family. I want twice as much for your family, everything you want for mine.
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I strongly prefer Rose of Versailles. The timing is slower, but once it's about Oscar.

There is a personal and intimate irony to her name. Not least of all my reasons.

There's a scene or two I get mileage out of. It's absolutely heartbreaking when Antoinette's little son *minor unimportant spoiler* because of what happens to him.

She did not...ah, but you can guess.

My favorite is the trial scene.

"Oh yes, Oscar and I were lovers. That devil woman."

Softly, through her teeth: "That bitch."

Not "LIAR!"

Pay attention. Devil is always in the details. ^_~

Ostensibly, that's about the Affair of the Necklace, but who cares, because OSCAR.

And her and Andre` and their fireflies, at last. <3 The hair does get a bit ridiculous, but that doesn't matter.

I like me some Andre`/Oscar, but I don't like that it's all there is.

These things happen. The subtext is missable, I guess, because it's not IN YOUR FACE like, say, Xena: Warrior Princess, but there's a lot of it.

(I remember the other kids teased me, and the girls were afraid of me, and I didn't know why, yet. That was a confusing time.)

I can't decide if I care enough about Alain (hi there, buttons) and Rosalie to try and hunt down some Eroica.
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I done stuck my money where my mouth at.

I sing!

I couldn't remember all the words to the song, so I didn't bother to try.

Here's Some warbling and a little of Quiet Use of Charm by UHP.

The filtered version does a capable job of restoring what I actually SOUND like, at the cost of what the hell I'm singing, but I like it a lot.

I'm perfectly aware that I sing flat and am not gifted with high range.

BEWARE inadequate leveling. I'm a bit strong for the mic in places. Sorry for the leaping out of the chair moments. I over-canceled the noise (horrible slow grinding death of my computer's insides = very loud); it gutted the low-end and distorted some of the mid.

Pick one, or neither, and no skin off my nose.

Made with laptop mic, dying laptop, relying on memory, and some basic Audacity functions.
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Watch this space.

There will be: challenge course is not actually hiking!

The normals will now think I have a phobia of heights, which for some reason is automatically okay while a fear of death is patently not!

I think I pissed off my most solid "friend" person, but I get to blame it on cramps!

Why I wish I were a short ugly pimple-faced boy!

Normals think they're superior; cripples know normals are idiots! Typed with shuddering indignant clawhands by an actual real live cripple!


When my vision sorts itself out and my head stops pounding.
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There now.

Every nightmare I have that isn't about being naked or late for a test is about that thing.

(Hah. I've never dreamed I was frightened of being naked. It doesn't exist in my dream language. I never used to have test nightmares, either, but it changed after that thing.)

Currently, I'm having a recurring dream about being beaten to death/kicked down several flights of stairs. I'm almost able to get away, but then they stomp my ribs in. It's going on the second week solid.

Is that the best you can do?

*Goes back to perusing the request list at [livejournal.com profile] oniisama_e_kink.*
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I did stuff at the Megacon.

Self-absorbed. OH NOES. )

Those were the highlights, really, except more gushing about Voltaire, which I'll spare you, because the room is starting to sort of--wiggle--along the outsides of my monitor.

So, yeah. Mmmm, otc-induced slumber. *Murr.*

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Ace of Pentacles, backwards. Devil facing up. Temperance facing up.

The outcome is Death.

Flotsam, ruin, fury and chaos wheeling around the central card, the Tower backwards.

The outcome is Death.

My hands seem to be poised to type that until it fills the screen.
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I'm an over-discloser. That is, I open my mouth and my truth falls out. I have almost no censor.

I am literal-minded. I think in simile. Everything is like something else. I am always concretizing concepts.

I'm always rephrasing things, making them more delicate, but it's always in hindsight after I've ruined a round of Truth or Dare, botched a speech, wrecked another relationship, or made an ass of myself in front of fifty-two judgmental adolescents.

The only thing I can do to stop the flood is shut my mouth.

Hence, why I barely talk to people. XD

Are there any other strategies for being less stupid/having more social grace? I'd love to hear them.

God, please.


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