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[livejournal.com profile] ranty_rie. Meme. Repeat; answers have changed substantially.

You see these shackles, baby? Let me make up for the things you lack. <3 )

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I've moved into the living room, the better for to keep an eye on the children dogs.

More or less next to the TV. And we all have very different personal tastes and theories of waking up.

So, my mornings look like...

Breakcore Fred and Ginger with outer-space codependence on the side?

No sudden dubsteb darling don't you do.

Ladies and Gentlemen...fasten your seatbelts
You are free to move about the cabin
We may experience some slight turbulence
And then explode

Thrown together at two a.m. directly before sleep. Achieved with Google-ganking; image sources are not mine; all credit to their makers, whom I can't remember. )
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Has my endless Romulan mouthfoam TAUGHT YOU NOTHING?

You guys.

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From Last Thursday! A bus adventure, tagged, but not locked. THERE IS ALSO BOOKSTUFF UNDER THE CUT.

Bookery. On Julie E. Czerneda and Herman Hesse. )

So I'm sitting there, reading In The Company Of Others, and this dude gets on the bus. (Warnings: misandry, major, MAJOR tmi, and blasphemy for dessert.) )

I'll be honest, the only thing I really remember from the Song of Solomon is this: at some point, he compares tits to gazelles.

Gazelles. You guys. Seriously. Zeus. Goat tit. Gazelles.

A part of me wonders if this is where the term "bazongas!" got its starting point.

(I want to strangle the stars for all they promised me)
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When I first heard this I finally understood.

This is the closest I have to a formal statement of belief.
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Oh. District 9.

Thank you, Mr. Jackson; I'm sorry it tanked; I love you for your brain ^_^

Nothing back here but hyperactive brainfilth re: trailers, tl;dr, fuck friendslocking I'm lazy. )

What is my brain it's incredible that's what goddamn.
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I have to leave my house at noon to get to a 5:30pm university class by bus. This is not a big deal.

When I am a passenger on said bus, minding my own business, and we are following all relevant traffic laws as we pull up to a stop?

And we're rear-ended?

That's. Kind of less of a not big deal.

When I'm the tweaky freaky and I'm the only one composed enough to rouse the authorities, it's almost funny.

She fucking lived. She lived she lived she lived she's fine her stupid Nissan is fucking totaled god I hope she learns from this, I hope it changes her life.

The paramedic was absolutely astounded that I don't scarf the prescription candy.

My pharmacist's name is Bacardi.

Lights out, Gracie.
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...Apparently, even people who utterly ripped the movie thought there was something going on in the general direction of Nero/Ayel.

Keep calm and carry on.
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I fully blame the screencaps. And lo, Google shall deliver you paydirt in that regard; I do not remember from whence I gathered mine.

Minor vices, minor tics that magnify over the years; no, no, it doesn't work dramatically if I don't take him seriously.

I don't. XD

We'll call it all forgotten when we're done. )

Don't tell them to go to hell; send them yourself.
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I see stars; do you see them, too?

In all honesty it's always looked like a dog, laughing, and lately I can see his teeth.

And yes, for the morbidly curious, I do see the monster in the authority blot.

Jealousy is unattractive. <3
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Short version: I AM A MACRO. AND SO CAN YOU.

...I'll do it in three. )

Long version: Who is your commander? Is it him? )

Good lord. I've actually blistered my thumb on the spacebar. XD
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Best. Thread. Ever.

Context is for n00bs.
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The hook on this little shit is EVIL.

My spectacular mishear is such an improvement. <3
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I might actually rent this.

Just to see Nero Eric Bana beat the crap out of Seth Rogen.

Because logically he'll come to Adam Sandler's aid y/n.

Seriously. PLEASE tell me that happens. I'll love you forever.
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Broad humor in Firefly flavor.

Jayne Eyre: being the most lolarious unsucking of Charlotte Bronte TO EVER EXIST.

Unsucking Charlotte Bronte. I did not think 'twere possible, nay, I didn't.

But it has happened.
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Sie/they were just...outraged. And appalled. By my tastefully Kinsey 4.5 bald tattooed men.

I hope they bring friends! I could have actual drama.

...Is it wrong that I'm this excited?

Oh, uh, the sick, twisted, deplorable feat of character-rape? That would be right here, assuming you'd like a side of Nero/Ayel with your Internetz today.

I have a feeling they will not care for my take on events. Not one bit.

Warms my heart.
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Sidewalk + rain x total darkness = car door. UP THE ASS. Surprize carsex? RAEP OMG RAEP NO MEANS NO.

I am eggplant-colored in uncomfortable places and my knee needed one of those cool bandages as big as my hand. *Is hardcore.* I should probably go get some ice but fuck that, aspirin's fine.

On the upside, sitting and standing hurt exactly the same, so laying down to sleep should be possible.

Apparently, it's Fail!Week here on The Jheti Show.

That, or my middle name is actually Beavis, and no one ever told me. D= THE HORROR.

Or something.

It's one of those things, unless it's all of them.
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Couldn't sleep. Not for the fun reason.

Three hours in class. I'm now absolutely positive I don't know what I'm doing and will never get it right.

And I just spent the last two hours getting yelled at.


It's five o'clock somewhere.
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This is one of those manga where I can't follow the fucking panels (I have the same ish with scanlated Naruto and sometimes with Claymore, too) so I'll be watching the anime. I can't decide if the tire-iron-to-the-face shota subtext bothers me or not; I'm only sticking around for Grell anyway, and he seems to be a bit player, and also not interested in setting off an Amber Alert, so I don't forsee this becoming too much of a problem.

Plot: Emo kid makes pact with demon! Demon becomes his Alfred! Together, they fight crime! run a toy company! But there's a chill breath of decay to their products, and something's terribly wrong with the mansion...Yeah, it's been done, but this one promises to be funny, and also contains a crossdressing redhead with pointy teeth and a chainsaw. I don't think I need to explain. Or underline it. Because underlining it might be too obvious.

Maybe blinky text, instead.

(Quadjillion-to-one odds in favor of the fandom being fucking batshit creepy, though. Le sigh.)

Moving right along...Summaries in Jhetivision!

JHETIVISION: Watching gothy shota crap so you don't have to since Yesterday, 2009.

01: His Butler, Talented )

There will be more lulzy thrills next episode! Stay tuned...IF YOU DARE, mwa-haha-HAH-ahahaha. *choke.*
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How many of my buttons does this press?

There will be a test later. <3


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