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This is our obligatory don't bury me I'm not dead entry.

I am. Mostly on Plurk these days; toss me an email if you want my Plurk handle thing, but you'll be sitting through a lot of [tron] and [rp] and [irl] navelgazing.

I mostly use LJ entirely for roleplaying now; that's also where almost all of my writing urge and skill goes these days, except for papers. I'm writing a lot of papers. So many that I've discovered that I can bang out about three pages of academic drivel, with no errors and mostly-correct citations, in a little less than two hours, while in a blind panic about submitting it on time.

I'm. Officially embarrassed about nine-tenths of the things I have up on ff.net, but nothing on my even trashier alternate account is any better.

The Tron fandom has taken over my mild obsessional tendencies, because it's got the same draw as everything I love about Star Trek, plus Jeff Bridges.

Or, well, Jeff Bridges' voice and I kind of want to sit in his lap while he reads the phone book, I'm so not kidding.

Everything that man says. Everything. All the things. UNF.

Tron fandom may actually be the source of my first ever Nano project; if I get started NOW, I might even be able to finish it by 11/30/11.

I didn't get picked for a bunch of jobs, but I was selected for this amazing independent study that's going to look delicious on my resume`.

Cool. Now, to someday get paid for it all. Maybe this will be the next step.

I think I fucked up my technical writing program application. Again. Whatever, I'll worry about it on Monday.

I'm so sick of the spam comments that I just leave them where they are. It's not worth the effort of screening them.
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Real quick, before I forget:

If you like world-artsy stuff, check out Bajalia Trading Company. Not only are their goods legit, the money goes back to the people who actually, oh I don't know, made the stuff.

Just guess who's coming to MegaCon.

Um. I think that's all.

Good luck out there, Internet!

Monday is nearly upon us.
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That new Green Hornet movie? You may have seen The Unmentionable One cavorting around mixing himself Red-Eyes and pulling these creepy faces that literally make me want to punch him?

(For the record I'm not sure why my reaction is this viscerally angry. I just--want to destroy his face every time he appears on any screen anywhere. KILL IT WITH FIRE.)

Anyway, he's apparently in some movie.

This movie is directed by Michel Gondry.

Knowing he did This, and this, and also this, has made the fact that friends will rope me into this film thinking I will love it?

Go from just bearable if I focus really hard on Jay Chou the whole time--to actively exciting.

I am looking forward to Gulliver's Travels, because it looks like it'll be my Evan Almighty for the year and I have a lot of perhaps-misguided fondness for this, and Jack Black is an example of how to do the douchey characters right, Seth are you taking notes.

I have also come to the conclusion that I'm the sort of person who unironically buys tickets to films like Cowboys and Aliens.

Admittedly, this is largely because I saw the "clunky wrist ornament" and the "waking up with amnesia surrounded by cowboys" AND IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT Holy shit it's Fallout New Vegas THE MOVIE.

Whatever, whatever, two of my childhood crushes are in it so now I have to go see it even though they're both like pushing eighty or something.

I almost went to Speed on a Train! but luckily was distracted by You Know You Want It In IMAX.

Man. I have to go dig out my Scarecrow and Mrs. King DVDs now.

Bruce Boxleitner is only even hotter in silver fox mode. I was physically distracted every time he appeared onscreen. ajskldhfsadkjl, WHY ARE YOU MARRIED TO LITTLE LAURA INGALLS AND NOT ME. D:

(Does that blow your mind as hard as it does mine? And yet I bet they're totally happy! They seem like such relentlessly sweet people, they're like a TV Land Brangelina, the Adorbs Factor is REDONKULUS.)


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