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Not Romulans! )

Romulans! )

Moar as I find moar.

If you have moar, especially if it is moar WITH ROMULANS, and extra-special bonus for DARK FIC IS DARK (WITH ROMULANS), comments are love.
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Why exactly is everyone in the fandom but me so excited about Keith R. DeCandido?

He could kill Vulcans with his brain. (With his sentence structure alone. See: How the Borg Spent Their Summer Vacation as Exhibit A.)

Guy makes Kevin J. Anderson look like Proust. For fucksake. Or maybe Melville.

Okay, okay, done proving I can read actual books. Still, aaaaughafkljshljks D:

Do not want.
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My Internet was brokedick this morning. Which was--frustrating. I've got three new voices to work on. Two, really, but my Romulan has been in need of an overhaul for so, so long.

It starts as an explanation of method and goes batshit fangirl from there. There's your warning. )

But yeah, no, I'm telling you all this, essentially, to tell you that Philip Seymour Hoffman's gay movie boyfriend?

Hi, Christopher.
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So, uh.

This movie. Does anyone know if it contains the Terrible Thing?

It. It should really be self-evident why I need to know this and why I NEED TO WATCH THIS FILM NOW LIKE RIGHT NOW.

Homework, what is that? What GPA? Who needs to eat when I could be watching this movie?

ETA: Oh, god; Keith David's in it, too. My fate? Sealed.

ASDF (Etc.)

Jan. 7th, 2010 12:01 pm
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Well. Merry Christmas to you, too.

ajsdkfhjlkhs; AWESOME.

A good deal of backstory mangling must be had in order to shoehorn CANON REMAN WOES and Actual Hearthworlds Storytelling into the same space; so.
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this entire blog is probably the most relevant thing to my interests since EVER.

The marketing track are all scary bitches, but they get to study the fun stuff *seething envy*.

It's the most perfect thing. Most perfect blog. <3
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...Apparently, even people who utterly ripped the movie thought there was something going on in the general direction of Nero/Ayel.

Keep calm and carry on.
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I fully blame the screencaps. And lo, Google shall deliver you paydirt in that regard; I do not remember from whence I gathered mine.

Minor vices, minor tics that magnify over the years; no, no, it doesn't work dramatically if I don't take him seriously.

I don't. XD

We'll call it all forgotten when we're done. )

Don't tell them to go to hell; send them yourself.
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Ohlook, it's moar Nero crap. )

ETA: Ohgod this this this this oh. IT'S NOT PORN SO READ IT ALREADY THANK YOU. :D
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This is entirely sufficient excuse to use this icon.

Yes, it is.

Hahaha, the ad in the sidebar just happens to say, "We do more than shipping."

Oh, yes we do.

I wish the community were less fragmented. And that some of the here-first fen were less wary of the demented biker Romulans. Because they're so much fun! And once you know how they got that way, they're just lovely.

Nero has made them a hard and horrible world to do their growing up in, and I can't wait to see how they'll handle it, even though I know the next movie will be the Klingons, because everyone likes them best.

It's my pet theory that the Romulans need chainsaws.

Oh, hush.

There weren't any fiddles in first century Rome. And if there's any such instrument on ch'Rihan it's probably some version of a lyre and not played with a bow.

I mean. Really.
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So uh. I went to make a Trek XI reclist and then realized all the ones I like are dark and fucked up.

Except the obvious Jheti bait Romulan ones. And, well, most of those, too.

I am vaguely alarmed.

Mostly floored by the easy smooth availability of the dark and fucked up, but also vaguely alarmed.
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Sie/they were just...outraged. And appalled. By my tastefully Kinsey 4.5 bald tattooed men.

I hope they bring friends! I could have actual drama.

...Is it wrong that I'm this excited?

Oh, uh, the sick, twisted, deplorable feat of character-rape? That would be right here, assuming you'd like a side of Nero/Ayel with your Internetz today.

I have a feeling they will not care for my take on events. Not one bit.

Warms my heart.
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I was trying to type something intelligent but it all comes out


Nero!fic planning blither. )

I also kind of want a Nero icon that says "DIAF your whole PLANET" but I suspect this is not the way to win friends and influence people within the fandom. XD
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Moar kinkmeme blither. )


I'm a really bad Fullmetal fan. I have a half-dozen episodes to watch. I should probably watch them all before I'm seven behind? And apparently the new chapters are some sort of disaster NO DON'T SPOIL ME.

I just...oh, screw coherence. *Points at icon.*

THAT RIGHT THERE IS EATING MY NEURONS. IT IS HIS FAULT. VULCAN WILL BURN and then Spock will need comforting, a lot, and McCoy isadoctordamnit, this ain't natural, but it's right, and Kirk can come, too. Heh.
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Oh look, more Trek XI Nero chatter brain-nibbles. Be excited! I am.

My top rollbar add has not STOPPED being that free Roman empire game. I cannot imagine why. XD

So I'm perilously close to fic. Because. Because he acts like this in my head. )

Of course the actual fic will be lyrical and seriocomically heavy-handed dark, because that's all I can ever write.

I still have not figured out exactly how a naked Ayel arrived in his quarters in order to investigate the screaming, BUT HAPPENED TO ARRIVE WITH TEA, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT HE DOES IN MY HEAD, but I'm getting there. *Halo.*

Ayel/Nero srysly. Srysly A LOT.


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