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Fanfiction. Mine. Master list. Sorted by fandom. Updated on a when-I-feel-like-it basis.

I've switched from reposting at ff.net to reposting everything I ever had at ff.net here, because dear god, the formatting.

Fandoms are by amount of content, so most of what you're looking for is probably buried under the mountain of Mortal Kombat fic and scraps.

Insane, self-serving crossover bullshit is at the very bottom of the list, irrespective of fandom. XD

I like ";" so ";" is my divider thing instead of ":". I wish I had a more grammatically conscientious reason, but I don't.

Mortal Kombat:

Ye Eldest and Most Beloved OTP: Baraka/Mileena

Undeclared challenge response; 50 sentences.

No Big (Nothing Major); Mileena and Baraka arguing. About Things.

Incendiary; Baraka/Mileena three-parter semi-pwp. Unfinished.

To Halve and to Hold: the Rest of the Het

Anything; originals!only, Brin/Koteth. NOT YOURS. MINE.

Paces; originals!only, Brin/Koteth. NOT YOURS. MINE.

Random Select; originals!only, Brin/Koteth. NOT YOURS. MINE.

Errant, Errata: Kitana/Mileena These are FEMMESLASH.

Lily Tribe; Kitana/Mileena.

When First We Practice; Kitana/Mileena.

No Desire; Mileena messes with Jade to get at Kitana. Eventual noncon.

With Fish; yet more vague-hinting-at Kitana/Mileena.

The Cost of Doing Business; Kitana/Leena.

They're Coming to Take Me Away; Mileena pines after Kitana.

Odds, Ends, and Table Scraps: Misc.

The contents of Mileena's fridge. Srysly.

Mirrorworld: Part Six, first two scenes; advance-draft version.

Gifted; original formatting.

One Character: Mileena; OMG GENFIC. Mostly. Undeclared use of the challenge-prompts *here* at [livejournal.com profile] 1character.

Switchfooted; here we have AU!genderswitch!Mileena, Markus of the House of Kahn.

Presumed Lost; At the palace, Mileena can do whatever she likes--except escape.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Needful Things: Greed/Everyone

The Human Stain Greed/Envy. Irrelevant consent, blood, bondage, clumsy pronouns, and awkward positioning. Strong language. SLASH.

Reward Response; Greed/Envy, close enough to actual hurt-comfort for jazz improv. Dubcon/noncon (the difference is debatable, anyway.) Blood, swearing, and general manhandling. SLASH.

Hedge Alchemy: Misc.

Can't; Alex-Louis angst, shortly after Ishbal. No warnings/gen.

So, Roy Walks Into a Bar; Roy and Greed meet. Because they so totally should've. Anime-verse AU.

Piecemeal; Ed-focused angst. Unfinished.

'Nocturne' and 'The Dream Warriors'; Greed-centric gen; Kimbley-centric angst. Spot the reference, get a cookie.

The Matrix

Collect Your Things, You're Comin' With Me: Neo/Smith These are SLASH.

Downpour; Neo/Smith Revolutions rainfight AU. SLASH.

Unsorted Data: Misc.

Jem and the Holograms

The Rock Fashion Book: Winning is (Everything)

Disbanded; Roxy POV; rough language; offensive terms; sorta f/f subject matter. Completed, one-shot.

Putting it All Together; Synergy teaches Kimber about the birds and the bees. Unfinished; someday Kimber/Stormer.

Components; Synergy gen. Kinda Syn/Jerrica if you squint. Unfinished.

Firefly: Unsorted

Jayne does not love River. Not in my head.

Sainthood; Jayne offers to end River's suffering.

Leaning to Fire; Simon/River, if you squint.

Ad Absurdum; River/Inara; PG.

Harry Potter: Unsorted

Each to Each; fifty sentences, Remus/Narcissa, on Cissa's birthday, roughly post-HBP? Maybe? (I forget when exactly Lucius is arrested. XD)

Buffy/Angel: Unsorted

The Off-Road to Redemption; Gunn/Faith. Alcohol use, implied sex, awkward/impossible positioning.

Insane, Self-Serving Crossover Bullshit: (The Name Says Everything)

Three of a Kind; Baraka/Mileena/Greed in the same basic AU as "Glitter".

Pavement; the only Baraka/Batman slash ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET. EVER. TRU FAX SRYSLY. Can you believe Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe is actually REAL? Neither can I. I weep most weepingly, and they are not tears of joy, oh no.

Courtiers; crossoverish (MK/Sandman): D'hete pays Dream a visit. NOT YOURS. MINE.

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