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Open your eyes, I see; your eyes are open.
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The ability to read my mind?
And I didn't get that, either!

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] starsandtildes.

O, sing this once again, lustily. )
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I just finished Mass Effect.

33.37 hours, 467 saves. All of them well-spent.

This is quite possibly the best damn game I have ever played.

Also, the score is delicious and awesome and perfect.
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It blew books off shelves, and scared the socks off some poor librarian!

Or, in Terran Standard English:

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Theft from [livejournal.com profile] taraljc:

My dearth of TV fandoms, let me show you it? Er. )


Yes, yes that does merit capslock. It merits large deafening capslock squee, and thus, and therefore.
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I don't cook. But for these?

I have to make an exception. It must be done. They are that awesome.

I can't look away. *Mesmerized.* THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL. <3
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Like many gamers of a certain vintage, I have dreamed a dream: one of arcade machine ownership.

The dream is over. I am awake.

After long months of searching and a few scary encounters with weirdos, Craigslist at last brought me this.

I own it, and it works. It works. I kept a lid on this for weeks, because there was some kind of glitch that prevented her from running at switch-on every time.

After a bit of twiddling with the wires in the back, the problem is gone.

Now, I like NBA Jam well enough, but really, there are better uses for A MIDWAY CABINET with A MIDWAY CHIPSET. *This is a baseball-bat-to-the-forehead HINT.*

I have such plans, oh yes.

Same year, same company, same soundboard as Mortal Kombat. (MKII's DCS, by a different company; can't have everything I want for Christmas.) DUDE WHO CARES IT'S THE SAME BOARD AS THE ORIGINAL and it is pristine. (I'm so excited I'm shaking. Yes, for real.)

And, in the meantime? Perfectly working basketball game. It's really fun! You can be people like Patrick Ewing and Scottie Pippen! (My age, it shows. XD)

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That is the name of the stupid little videogame I played so much when I was ten.

There was a chick. And killer pandas.

It...It's all coming back to me, now.

(I've been trying to remember that for a week. Yeah, sad, I know. XD)

...I should probably have a tag called no life, but I think I have over a thousand entries here, and that's a lot of back-tagging, so, no go.

Besides, I do have a life. It just...is only what it is.

Anyway, there you have it.
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Might as well make a tag for it, 'cause it's chewing my neurons, nibble nibble.

I would just like to say that I have Naruto: Clash of Ninja and Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 (clever title) and that I have logged more hours on a game system in the last week than I had all year previous. Unless you count using it to run emulations and/or Youtube. Then maybe this week and last year are about even.

My right wrist is still making weird clicking sounds, but I don't care, because ZABUZA, and I can make ZABUZA fight KAKASHI, over and over and over and ^________________^

Normally, I loathe cel-shading with a seething and hatredous passion, like an arsenic and turpentine detergent bomb waiting for the slightest touch of flame. BUT. In this case, it makes the game look just like the show and I can make them fight.

I only just bought the second one a couple days ago, so I haven't had time to unlock anybody.

Combat system is almost ludicrously simple. Mostly comes down to executing your jutsu correctly. (These are the standard "wait for the power bar to fill up and press X Button" power moves. Didn't a lot of the SNK games used to have those? I think that's where I'm remembering them from; it's there or Street Fighter.)

I kind of miss Samurai Shodown. (Not a typo; check your Internets.) But this is so much more awesome than that.

As far as show or manga: I'm waaaaay back at the Chuunin Exams arc; be gentle. XD

Hmm. I need to re-rent some DVDs and make me some Zabuza icons.

Zabuza is Jheti bait. <3
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My vacation? I need a vacation therefrom. And another three or four very hot showers. OhgodTHESMOKEitfeelslikeitwillnevercomeoff.

If you want to listen to me whine, you probably have my info.

Additionally: whilst at a rest stop on the way home, I beheld the saddest, most unbearably forlorn sight on the entire east coast.

A gutted MKII cabinet with Soul Calibur in its place.

Woe is my love. Most dolorous and lachrymose woe of Shakespearean proportions.

Woe, woe, and down, wanton, down.
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I finally dug the GameCube out from under all the other stuff it's been hiding in and pestered Stepdad to hook it up (he has the usual inscrutable masculine nest of wires growing from the back of our TV).

Yeah. Whatever. Point being?

Bloodrayne is the sexiest best game I've played in liek years. For reals.

Also, they have Tekken 5 at the student union for a quarter a play. Easily the best thing about the entire university experience, hands down.

I likes me some Nina Williams. I play at being Ling Xiaoyu, but when it's time to be serious, it's out with the Nina. *Stomp stomp kick crush throw kick.*

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I would just like to take a moment to thank Capcom for The Little Mermaid.

It's head-deskingly easy, frantically fun if you turn up the frameskip, and, hey, mermaid!

It was custom-made entirely with me in mind. I'm certain of it.
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From ff.net: Fullmetal Alchemist, gen-fic about the Elric brothers. No warnings or advisories. Not spoilery. His Brother's Voice by silkendreammaid.

Via LJ: Random FF7 het by Laylah. Worksafe and shiny. One of them has Reno. I think one of them might be slash? Oh, the horror. *Gigglesnort.*

I have such drabble envy. For real. She is the real deal. I am not worthy. Feh. ^_^

(What do you mean, go introduce myself? Nuuuus! *Hides under rock.* I AM NOT WORTHY.)

See, this is why I pop up randomly in other people's journals and go "HII OMG I LOVE YOUR WORK PLS TO SIGN MY CLEAVAGE CAN IT BE SEQUEL TIEM PLS" and then disappear forever. XD
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Just as it says on the tin.

There are some interesting obstacle-related glitches in the game, but most of those are because we're in god mode. My biggest whine is that it's all sorts of short on the wiggle-wiggle. Is this not a big, bad, masculine action game? Where are my stock chickies with watermelons down their bras? XD

I adore the story and mood of the game otherwise. Pitch perfect. I had the original Deus Ex for PC, ages ago, and I had SO much fun with that one. The gimmick here is that nanobots are what give your agent his abilities and skills, and it's interesting and involved without screwing up your directive, which is to kill kill kill and kill some more.

Well, no, you can do the charity missions and petty theft and blackmail (all of which I force Stepdad to do) if you like. I enjoy all that. Makes for a more well-rounded game.

My favorite weapon is the flamethrower. ^_____________^

ME: No, don't, dude, omg omg, use the burny-burny gun!

STEPDAD: *lobs smoke grenades*

WAREHOUSE GUARD: What the? I can't SEE! I'm blinded!

STEPDAD: *Unleashes the burny-burny gun.*

(As the smoke dissipates, the GUARD teeters into view. Whereupon he is torched as he so justly deserves.)


Call me a desensitized, sadistic reprobate if you like, but I'm still giggling about it.

They run around in circles waving their arms, "Omg omg I'm ON TEH F1R3!!!1@!" and flop down dead.

It's hilarious.

Thirteen years of violent videogames have not altered my perceptions in the slightest. ^_~
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So liek, for the four and a half people on the ENTIRE INTERNET who don't know what Red Vs. Blue is, go here, and read, and thus comprehend.

Tenchi first brought this to my attention. Years ago. Obviously.

I sort of dropped it.

So I picked it up over the weekend.


Well, yah, they all make me laugh, but Sarge can make me laugh until I cry. I mean I was gasping and trying to die of teh funneh.

They shouldn't have killed the alien dude. That was a fucking RIOT. Like I'm cracking up sitting here thinking about it.

"Unless 'blaarghh' means no. Then it would not mean yes."

Yah. We've established I'm a grammar nerd when that's my favorite line from the whole show thus far. XD

Unless it's, "I told you to stop making up animals!"


"We have seen the Flag! The Flag will lead us to glory!"

Oh. Oh god. My sides, they hurt. They really do.


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